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Firehawk FX and Firehawk 1500 connections


There's lots input and output options with the Firehawk line. Here's a breakdown.


First let's look at what's the same on both units.


USB port for updating firmware and use as an I/O interface.
Variax input for any Line 6 Variax guitars
1/4" Stereo headphones (This will cut the speaker off on the 1500)
1/4" Stereo out
XLR Stereo out
1/4" Stereo FX Send and Return
Bluetooth Wireless for use with the Firehawk Remote app and any other Bluetooth streaming device


Firehawk FX unique:
9VDC input for use with the DC3g power supply
1/4" jack for use with a outboard expression pedal (compatible with Line 6 EX1 and Mission Engineering EP1-L6)




Firehawk 1500 unique:
IEC power cable jack
FBV cable jack for use with FBV 3 or FBV MKII
MIDI in and out/thru Check out the Midi implementation chart in the manual for details
XLR+1/4" Stereo Combo jacks with Gain Adjustment Knob. This is to be used with any source that you want the 1500 to be a FRFR stereo monitor. Like a Pod, Helix, or even an iPhone to play music.




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