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Flextone (I) FAQs


Note: The Flextone (I) was released in 1997 and replaced by the Flextone II in 2000 and is now a Legacy Product.




Q: What are the presets on my Flextone (I) amplifier?
A: The Flextone ( I) preset chart in the manuals section. If you want to return the amplifier to factory specifications, please see the factory reset procedure at the bottom of this document.


Q: Is there editing software that works with the Flextone (I) series?
A: There is no editing software for the Flextone series, as there are no MIDI jacks on the original Flextone series.


Q: How do I adjust the Delay Feedback on my Flextone HD?
A: Adjusting the Delay Feedback is not possible on the Flextone HD.




Q: What are the models available for the Flextone (I)?
Flextone (I): 60 Watt Mono 1 x 12" Combo
Flextone (I) XL: 100 Watt Stereo 2 x 12" Combo
Flextone (I) Duo: 100 Watt Stereo 2 x 10" Combo
Flextone (I) Plus: 100 Watt Stereo 1 x 12" Combo
Flextone (I) HD: 300 Watt Stereo Head


Q: Does the Flextone (I) have a line out?
A: The Flextone (I) has a headphone jack that doubles as a good direct out. To utilize it properly, you should use a stereo-to-dual mono insert cable and use it as a stereo out into 2 channels on your mixer/recorder. If you need XLR direct outs, you may want to check into a Flextone (I) Plus or XL.


Q: Which Line 6 floor controller(s) can I use with the Flextone (I)?
A: Either the FB4 or Floorboard will control the Flextone I, but we recommend the Line 6 floorboard. Please be aware that the Line 6 Floorboard and FB4 are no longer in production but may still be special ordered or found through used gear dealers.


Q: Does the Flextone (I) have an effects loop?
A: Yes, the Flextone I units have a stereo unbalanced effect loop (the Flextone 112 is a mono effect loop), located before the Master volume.


Q: What is an effect loop used for?
A: An effect loop is used for “line-level” input and output level devices. Many rack mount effect units are line level units, while most guitar effects are “instrument level” units meant to be run between the instrument and the amplifier.


Q: Can I connect an external pre-amp (i.e. Line 6 POD unit) to the Flextone (I)?
A: You can connect an external preamp into the front of the unit or the effects loop return of the Flextone I. Be sure to use a ¼” dummy jack in the instrument input to send the amplifier output to the speakers.


Q: How should I connect my speaker cabinet(s) to the Flextone (I)?
A: Please see the following document (or your manual) for more information on connecting cabinets to your Flextone I.
Cabinet Connection and Ohm F.A.Q.


Q: What brand of speakers were used in the Flextone (I)?
A: Eminence brand speakers custom made for Line 6.




Q: What is the warranty on the Flextone (I)?
A: The warranty on the Flextone I is twelve months from the date of purchase.


Q: How can I register my Flextone (I)?
Product Registration F.A.Q.




Q: My guitar's sustain is cut off after several seconds. Is there a way to stop this?
A: This is likely because of the noise gate on the Flextone. To turn it off, hold the Tap Tempo button and turn the Reverb knob down. To turn it back on, hold Tap and turn the Reverb knob up.


Q: How do I perform a factory reset on my Flextone (I)?
A: the factory reset for a Flextone I is to hold the A B C D Buttons while powering the amp.


Q: Can a Flextone (I) be upgraded to a Flextone II?
A: Unfortunately not. We are always trying to make our amps better and add features that are requested by our users. When we decided that it was time to make some changes to the Flextone amp, we found that the most requested features were things like midi and XLR outputs. To make these additions we found that we had to make significant hardware and software changes. We had to change the whole layout of the amplifier, as you can see from all of the new connectors on the rear panel. Since the Flextone II software will not work in the Flextone I amp and replacing the chassis would approach the cost of a new amp, we aren't able to offer a practical upgrade path.


Q: My amp seems to be malfunctioning. What can I do as an end user?
Line 6 Amp Troubleshooting


Q: Where can I get replacement knobs/speakers/logos for my Line 6 amplifier?
A: Line 6 Store


Q: Where can I download a Flextone (I) manual?
A: Line 6 Manuals

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