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Q: What are the presets on my HD147 amplifier?
A: The HD147 user presets are available from the manual download section.


Q: What editing software works with the HD147?
A: Line 6 Edit, which is a free download at


Q: How can I control my HD147 via MIDI?
A: Please check the Appendix C on your Pilot's Handbook, you will have a list of MIDI program changes and their relation with the HD147 channels. So channel 1A would recall program 1 on your MIDI device. You can either overwrite program 1 on your device with the effects you want to use with channel 1A or you can go to the preset you want to use and internally reassign that preset to MIDI program 1 (if your device offer that option). You can also set the Expression pedal on a MIDI controller to the MIDI CC# you wish to control - for example if you want to control the Delay Mix with it set the CC# to 34. Please see the bottom of this document to download the HD147 manual.


Q: Is there a direct out on the HD147?
A: There are stereo XLR outputs on the back of the unit to route the cabinet modeling directly to a PA or mixing console.


Q: Which Line 6 floor controller(s) can I use with the HD147?
A: We recommend the Line 6 FBV Shortboard , but any of the FBV series controllers will control the HD147.


Q: Does the HD147 have an effects loop?
A: Yes, the HD147 has a stereo unbalanced effect loop.


Q: What is an effect loop used for?
A: An effect loop is used for “line-level” input and output level devices. Many rack mount effect units are line level units, while most guitar effects are “instrument level” units meant to be run between the instrument and the amplifier.


Q: Can I connect an external pre-amp (i.e. Line 6 POD unit) to the HD147?
A: You can connect an external preamp into the or the effects loop return of the HD147. Be sure to use a ¼” dummy jack in the instrument input to send the head output to the speakers.


Q: How should I connect my speaker cabinet(s) to the HD147?
A:Please see the following document more more information on connecting cabinets to your HD147.


Cabinet Connection and Ohm F.A.Q.


Q: What's the rated wattage of my HD-147?
A: The HD-147 is rated at 150w/channel RMS. 147 decibels is the level of loudness at which your head explodes. What we're trying to say is that this puppy is loud.


Q: How many watts are my two 16 ohm cabs going to pull per side with my HD-147?
A: A solid state amp without an impedance switch puts out more power with a lower speaker load. However, we do have an impedance switch in the back of the amp. The purpose of the switch is to make sure the amp puts out the same amount of power as long as it sees the correct load.


So for your set up, you would plug one cab into one of the RIGHT jacks and the other into one the LEFT jack. Set the impedance switch to 16 ohms. Your amp should put out 150 watts per side.


Q: What is the warranty on the HD147?
A: the warranty on the HD147 is twelve months from the date of purchase.


Q: How can I register my HD147?
A: Registration


Q: How do I perform a factory reset on my HD147?
A: The reset for a HD147 is to hold the A and D Buttons while powering the amp.


Q: My amp seems to be malfunctioning. What can I do as an end user?
Line 6 Amp Trouble Shooting


Q: Where can I get replacement knobs/speakers/logos for my HD147 amp?
A: Line 6 Store


Q: Where can I download a HD147 manual?
A: Line 6 Manuals


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