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Lowdown 110 and LD15 F.A.Q.s




Q: What are the presets on the Lowdown Studio 110 and LD 15 amplifier?

A: The Studio 110 and LD 15 have four savable channels directly on the amplifier, which are Clean (Eden model), R&B (Ampeg B15 fliptop model), Rock (Ampeg SVT model), and Grind (Sansamp model). The Studio 110 also has a “synth” option, accessed by pressing the R&B and Rock models simultaneously. The LD15 has a hidden “Brit model” which is accessed by pressing/holding the Clean and R&B model buttons as your turn on the power. The Clean and R&B lights will flash back and forth to indicate that you have changed the Clean model into the Brit model.


Q: Is there a list for suggested settings for the LD Studio110 or LD15 amplifier?

A: No, there is no preset list for the LD 110 or LD15, but you can download the dowdown Preset Chart from the manuals section and experiment with the settings (taking note that there is no amp model or channel volume control)


Lowdown Presets


Q: Are there any video tutorials I can view to learn more about the Lowdown?

A: Please see the Lowdown Movies in the product description page.


Lowdown Movies


Q: Is there an editing software that works with the Lowdown amplifier?

A: No, there is no editing software for the Lowdown series as there is no way to connect the lowdown amplifier to your computer.


Q: Is there a "manual mode" for a LD Studio110 or LD15 like on the other LD series amplifiers?

A: No, there is no manual mode for the LD Studio110 for the LD15.


Q: How do I change the tuner's reference frequency on the Lowdown?

A: The Lowdown Tuner Reference Frequency cannot be changed - it's 440 all the way.




Q: Is there a direct out on the Lowdown 110 or LD 15 amplifier?

A: Yes, there are balanced line level XLR and unbalanced 1/4" outputs on the Lowdown 110, both of which output processed tone. The LD-15 has an unbalanced ¼” output which will output processed tone (which doubles as a headphone output). The XLR output of the Studio 110 is not affected by the output volume of the amplifier, and will send a cabinet simulated tone to your mixing console. The unbalanced ¼” output of the Studio 110 and LD15 is affected by the master volume setting, so keep this in mind when using this as a direct recording connection.


Q: What if I do not want the cabinet tone but rather a unaffected tone (like a DI Box to go to the PA?)

A: If you desire an unaffected bass tone in addition to the cabinet simulated tone, you will want to go into a DI box and send the DI signal to the mixing console. Be sure to have the instrument output of the DI go into the instrument input of the Lowdown amplifier to get sound from the Lowdown.


Q: Can I use a Line 6 controller with the Lowdown Studio 110 or the LD15?

A: No, there is no CAT-5 jack on the Studio 110 or the LD15 for a Line 6 controller.


Q: Does the Lowdown Studio 110 or the LD15 have an effects loop?

A: No, neither the Lowdown Studio 110 or the LD15 has an effects loop.


Q: Can I connect an external pre-amp (i.e. Line 6 POD unit) to the Lowdown Studio 110 or the LD15?

A: Yes, an external preamp can be connected to the instrument input of the Lowdown, be sure to send an instrument level signal rather than a line level signal to avoid clipping and/or damage to the Lowdown. An external pre-amp can also be run into the MP3 input jack, which would relegate the Lowdown amplifier to a “powered speaker”.


Q: Can I connect an external cabinet to a Lowdown Studio 110 or the LD15?

A: No, there are no external speaker connections on the Lowdown combo series Studio 110 or the LD15




Q: What's the rated wattage output and speaker size of the Lowdown Studio 110 and the LD15??

LD15: 15 watts/ (1) 8” speaker

Studio 110: 75 watts/ (1) 10” speaker


Registration and Warranty Information


Q: What is the warranty on the Lowdown Series?

A: the warranty on the Lowdown series is twelve months from the date of purchase.


Q: How do I register the Lowdown?




Q: How do I perform a factory reset on the Lowdown?

A: The reset procedure for a Lowdown amplifier is to hold the Clean button for 5 seconds while powering the amp.


Q: My amp seems to be malfunctioning. What can I do as an end user?

Line 6 Amp Trouble Shooting


Q: I am noticing hiss in the headphones with the Lowdown Studio 110?

A: This may not be an issue on all Lowdown Studio 110 amplifiers. Depending on what brand of headphones you are using, as well as what amp model/settings are up, you may or may not hear hiss. Individual preference will determine if the perceived signal/noise ratio is acceptable.


Please DO NOT return your Lowdown Studio 110 for a replacement unit if you feel that this is an issue. Our service centers would be happy to fix this issue for you.


Keep in mind; this fix requires that one of our technicians perform a custom modification to the headphone amplifier, which requires that we open up your amp. The reason that some users may hear hiss is due to the gain structure design of this amp and a couple of surface mount resisters need to be replaced. Customer Support is unable to guide you through the repair and only our authorized service centers can take care of this fix.


NOTE: If a customer opens up their amp and attempts to alter their electronics in any way, they will void your manufacturer’s warranty on their Lowdown Studio 110.


Also, keep in mind that the repair may take several weeks based on the specific service center’s turn around time. If the nearest service center is too far from your location, and you need to ship your unit to that service center, Line 6 WILL NOT cover the associated shipping costs


If you are aware of the above information and you still wish to have your amp repaired, Line 6 will cover the costs of parts and labor. Please have your receipt ready before you contact a service center. If you cannot find your receipt, please talk to the dealer where the amp was purchased, and request a duplicate receipt.


Q: Where can I get replacement knobs/speakers/logos for my Lowdown amplifier?

Line 6 Store


Q: Where can I download a Lowdown amplifier manual?

Line 6 Manuals


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