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Lowdown 150/175/300pro/400pro F.A.Q.s and Presets




Q: What are the presets on the Lowdown 150/175/300pro/400pro?
A: The presets are available from the manual download section. If you would like to return your unit to the original presets, please perform a factory reset (see the Lowdown trouble shooting section).


Q: Are there any video tutorials I can view to learn more about the Lowdown?
A: Please see the Lowdown Movies in the product description page.


Q: Is there an editing software that works with the Lowdown amplifier?
A: No, there is no editing software for the Lowdown series as there is no way to connect the lowdown amplifier to your computer.


Q: Is there a "manual mode" so I can avoid the presets and just use the knobs on the amplifier?
A:Yes, one you have selected your preset you want to run in manual mode, hit the preset again and the light will turn off, indicating you are in manual mode.


Q: How do I change the tuner's reference frequency on the Lowdown?
A: The Lowdown Tuner Reference Frequency cannot be changed - it's 440 all the way.




Q: Is there a direct out on the Lowdown 150/175/300pro/400pro series amplifiers?
A: Yes, there are balanced line level XLR outputs on the on the Lowdown 150/175/300pro/400pro. The line level XLR output is not affected by the output volume of the amplifier, and will send a cabinet simulated tone to your mixing console.


Q: What if I do not want the cabinet tone but rather a unaffected tone (like a DI Box?)
A: If you desire an unaffected bass tone on the Lowdown 150/175/300pro, you will want to go into a DI box and send the DI signal to the mixing console, and have the instrument output of the DI go into the instrument input of the Lowdown amplifier. The Lowdown 400pro does have a ¼” preamp output to send an unaffected tone to a mixer.


Q: Can I use a Line 6 controller Lowdown 150/175/300pro/400pro?
A: Yes, we recommend using the FBV Shortboard with the Lowdown series. The FBV will work with the Lowdown series (although there will be numerous buttons that have no effect), and the FBV Express will not scroll through the banks.


Q: Do the Lowdown 150/175/300pro/400pro amplifiers have an effects loop?
A: No, none of the Lowdown 150/175/300pro/400pro amplifiers has an effects loop.


Q: Can I connect an external pre-amp (i.e. Line 6 POD unit) to the Lowdown 150/175/300pro/400pro?
A: Yes, an external preamp can be connected to the instrument input of the Lowdown, be sure to send an instrument level signal rather than a line level signal to avoid clipping and/or damage to the Lowdown. An external pre-amp can also be run into the MP3 input jack, which would relegate the Lowdown amplifier to a “powered speaker”.


Q: Can I connect an external cabinet to a Lowdown 150/175/300pro/400pro?
A: There is no external speaker connection on the Lowdown 150,175, or 300pro, but the 400pro has a single 8 ohm minimum Neutrik Speakon connector to connect an exterior cabinet.


Q: Does connecting an external cab to the LowDown 400 Pro mute the internal combo speakers?
A: No, connecting an external cab DOES NOT mute the internal speakers. So, the combo speakers will produce audio along with the external cabinet speakers.


Q: Does the built in head unit of the LD400Pro have the same exact electronics & power output as the separate HD400 head unit (both have the identical preamp & power amp sections)?
A: Yes


Q: Does the LD400 put out the full 400 watts to its 2 X 10" speakers?
A: yes because we chose speakers that create a 4 ohm load internally.


Q: Is the 'Extension Speaker Output' on the LD400 in parallel or in series to the 2X10 internal speakers of the unit?
A: The extension cabinet is parallel, with an 8 ohm cabinet the amp will output approximately 650 watts.




Q: What's the rated wattage output and speaker size of Lowdown 150/175/300pro/400pro??


LD150: 12"/ 150 Watts
LD175: 15" with Horn/175 Watts
LD300pro: 15" with Horn/300 Watts
LD400pro: 2x10" speakers and high-frequency compression driver/400 Watts


Q: What is the impedance of the LD series?
A:1 Mohm for passive input, 40 Kohm for active input


Q: What brand speakers are used in the 150/175/300pro/400pro?
A: Line 6 lowdown speakers are manufactured by Hi-Touch.


Q: What are the presets for the Lowdown amps?
A: LowDown Preset Chart (Rev A) - English.pdf
Registration and Warranty Information


Q: What is the warranty on the Lowdown 150/175/300pro/400pro?
A: the warranty on the Lowdown series is twelve months from the date of purchase.


Q: How do I register the Lowdown?


Lowdown Amplifier Troubleshooting/Service


Q: How do I perform a factory reset on the Lowdown?
A: The reset procedure for a Lowdown amplifier is to hold the A button for 5 seconds while powering the amp.


Q: My amp seems to be malfunctioning. What can I do as an end user?
Line 6 Amp Trouble Shooting


Q: Where can I get replacement knobs/logos for my Lowdown amplifier?
Line 6 Store
Q: Where can I download a Lowdown amplifier manual?
Line 6 Manuals


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