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Lowdown Series: Direct (XLR) Output and FBV F.A.Q.s


Q: Are the XLR outputs of the LD series line level?

A: Yes, the XLR outputs on all of our Lowdown amps are balanced line level outputs. The line level output not affected by the output volume of the amplifier, and will send a cabinet simulated tone to your mixing console.


Q: What if I do not want the cabinet tone but rather a unaffected tone (like a DI Box?)

A: If you desire an unaffected bass tone in addition to the cabinet simulated tone you will want to go into a DI box and send the DI signal to the mixing console, and have the instrument output of the DI go into the instrument input of the Lowdown amplifier.


Q: What controllers work with the Lowdown series?

A:The FBV series is the correct controller for the Lowdown series, we recommend the FBV Shortboard or FBV Express. The FBV (Longboard) is not optimized for use with the Lowdown family of amplifiers, and the FBV2 is not compatible with a certain amount of early LowDowns. Please contact Line 6 Customer Support in this case for assistance.


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