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Spider III factory reset, Presets, and F.A.Q.


Note: The Spider III was released in 2006 and discontinued in 2010. The Spider III is now listed as a Legacy Product.



Q: How are the Artist preset banks categorization and alphabetized?
A:When looking at the list of the banks in the unit, the banks seem to be broken into four different sections:


1. Albert Lee - Julien K
2. Ash - Volto
3. The Accident Experiment - Thursday
4. Songs 50's - Misc. Fun


Each of the first 3 sections (artist banks) is alphabetized. Is there a reason all the artist presets overall aren't alphabetized?


The artist banks are categorized by Clean, Dirty and Heavy:


1. Albert Lee - Julien K: Cleaner patches
2. Ash - Volto: Midgainy patches
3. The Accident Experiment - Thursday: Heavily overdriven patches


Q: How do I perform a factory reset on my Spider III?
Line 6 Device Factory Reset Procedures

Q: How do I use the compare mode (to find where the knobs were originally set)?
A: Press and hold the Tap button, then turn the Amp Models knob. This activates Spider III's "Compare mode". Now turn any knob other than Amp Model and Master Volume, and the channel lights
will tell you whether you need to turn that knob up (Channel A lights) or down (Channel D lights) to match the stored setting. The Channel B & C lights will be lit at the same time once the knob position matches the stored setting exactly.


Q: How do I connect the Spider III HD 150 to the Spider Cabinet?
A: The Spider III HD 150 is designed to see a load on *both * speaker outputs by connecting the left and the right inputs to the Spider cabinet with speaker cables. Running the Spider III HD 150 into a 4 ohm load may result in damage to the amplifier. Please see the following link for more information:


Cabinet Connection and Ohm F.A.Q.

Q: Can I use two Spider III cabinets with the Spider III HD 150?
A:The Spider III HD 150 was designed to power a single Spider III Stereo Cabinet with a stereo 8 ohm load. Using two Spider III cabs would require a modification to each cab so that they are each rewired to produce a 8 ohm mono load. This modification would preferably be done by an authorized Line 6 service center, which can be located from the Service Center link on the Support page.


Q: How do I connect external speakers to my Spider III 150 amplifier?
A: You will need to disconnect the internal speakers (covering the dry-solder clips with electrical tape) and connect both external speaker outputs to an 8 ohm (or higher) load. Do not connect just one side, as this may cause a power amp failure. Powering the internal speakers along with a external speakers may cause a power amp failure and is not supported.


Q: What type of speaker is used on the Spider III combo series?
Spider III 15: Custom 15 (4 ohm)
Spider III 30: Celestion G12E50 (4 ohm)
Spider III 75/150: Celestion G12P80 (8 ohm)
Spider III 120:(2) Celestion G10P80 (8 ohm)


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