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Spider Valve Mk II Firmware Update Instructions


Update Instructions:



All Spider Valve Mk II 112, 212 and HD100 amplifiers can be updated using an FBV MkII Express, FBV MkII Shortboard, or via MIDI with a USB to MIDI interface as follows:

  1. Connect your FBV MkII to your Spider Valve MKII using a standard FBV cable.
  2. Connect your FBV MkII to your computer using a standard USB cable.
  3. Launch Line 6 Monkey on your computer.
  4. Select your Spider Valve MKII as the connected device if it isn't automatically selected.
  5. Select the Flash Memory line item and click "Update Selection".

Please also refer to the following FAQ for further update details:



***Please note: You MUST register your Spider Valve Mk II amp, and the FBV MkII Express or FBV Shortboard MkII in order to proceed with the update.


Updating Note: Updating firmware does not erase User Presets. To return the amp to its factory settings, which includes restoring original User Presets and Amp Model Defaults, press the "A" Channel button on power up, then press the "Presets" encoder.


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