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Spider Valve MKII FX Infusion Update (2.0)


Spider Valve MKII FX INFUSION v2.0 is a free firmware upgrade for your Spider Valve MKII 112, 212 and HD100. This new firmware features:


A total of 56 FX Models, bringing the total in your updated amp to 76! (All the FX from Spider FX Infusion 1.52 plus 28 more Stomps, Comps, Mods, Delays, Reverbs and Wahs).


Overdrives / Stomps
Bronze Master (Maestro Bass Brassmaster)
Dingo Tron (Mu-Tron III (down switch on)
Facial Fuzz (Arbiter Fuzz Face)
Classic Distortion (ProCo Rat)
Tube Drive (Chandler Tube Driver)
Blue Comp Treb (Boss CS-1 Compressor (treble switch off)
Line 6 Comp (Teletronics LA-2A)
Line 6 Vetta Comp
Line 6 Two band Parametric EQ
Echo Platter (Binson EchoRec)
Line 6 Phaze Eko
Tube Echo (EP-1 Tube Echoplex)
Line 6 Brite Room Reverb
Line 6 Cavernous Reverb
Line 6 Dark Hall
Line 6 Rich Chamber
Line 6 Slap Plate Reverb
Line 6 Standard Spring Reverb
Analog Square Chorus (Boss Square CE-1 Chorus w/ square wave)
Line 6 Expo Chorus
Line 6 POD Purple X
Line 6 Random Sample and Hold
Line 6 Square Flange
Line 6 Tape Eater
Chrome Custom Wah (Custom Vox V847 Wah)
Conductor Wah (Maestro Boomerang Wah)
Fassel Wah (Cry Baby Super - Jen Electronics)
Throaty Wah (RMC Real McCoy 1 Wah)


Continued compatibility (added with 1.50) with Spider Valve Edit.


Update Instructions:


All Spider IV 112, 212 and HD100 amplifiers can be updated using an FBV MkII Express, FBV MkII Shortboard, or via MIDI with a USB to MIDI interface as follows:


  1. Connect your FBV MkII to your Spider Valve MKII using a standard FBV cable.
  2. Connect your FBV MkII to your computer using a standard USB cable.
  3. Launch Line 6 Monkey on your computer.
  4. Select your Spider Valve MKII as the connected device if it isn't automatically selected.
  5. Select the Flash Memory line item and click "Update Selection".

Please also refer to the following FAQ for further update details:


(Register your FBV MkII Express or Shortboard if it isn't already registered, then proceed with the update)


Updating Note: Updating firmware does not erase User Presets. To return the amp to its factory settings, which includes restoring original User Presets and Amp Model Defaults, press the "A" Channel button on power up, then press the "Presets" encoder.




*If you have already registered your hardware, launch Line 6 Monkey to download the v2.00 update.


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