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Spider Valve Presets, Specs, and FAQ




Q: What are the presets on my Spider Valve amplifier?

A: The user presets and artist/song presets for the Spider Valve are listed as attachments at the bottom of this document (please be aware that they are identical to the Spider III with the exceptions notated in the document). The Spider Valve user presets are the 36 user-programmable presets. The artist/song presets location cannot be saved, but you can modify and/or store these setting in the 36 user-programmable presets. If you would like to return your unit to the original presets, please perform a factory reset.


Q: I noticed that some of the Artist/Song Presets from the Spider III are not present on the Spider Valve?

A: Yes, some of the Artist/Song Presets from the original Spider III release were not included in the Spider Valve release due to space restrictions (please compare the two lists for clarification).


Q: Are the Spider Valve series amps Mono(phonic)?

A: Yes, the Spider Valve series amplifiers have a monophonic output (as are most tube amplifiers).


Q: How can I connect a POD unit to my Spider Valve series amplifier?


Connecting to Amps and Computers, Output Settings, Floorboard Compatibilty, Fletcher Munson, Multiple Amps


Q: Do the Master volume and presence control applied to the power amp section only?

A: Yes, the master volume and presence control are true analog.


Q: Where is the Master volume located in the chain?

A: it is after the preamp, and before the power amp.




Q: What speakers are used in the Spider Valve amplifiers?

Spider Valve 112: Celestion Vintage 30, 8 ohm

Spider Valve 212: (2) Celestion Vintage 30s, 16 ohm

Spider Valve 412 cabinet: (4) Celestion Vintage 30s, 16 ohm


Q: What tubes ship in the Spider Valve amplifiers? What is the power output?

Spider Valve 112: (2) Sovtek 12AX7LPS preamp tubes, (2) Sovtek 5881/6L6WXT power amp tubes. 40 watts.

Spider Valve 212: (2) Sovtek 12AX7LPS preamp tubes, (2) Sovtek 5881/6L6WXT power amp tubes. 40 watts.

Spider Valve HD: (2) Sovtek 12AX7LPS preamp tubes, (4) Sovtek 5881/6L6WXT power amp tubes. 100 watts.


Q: What are the function of the 12AX7 tubes?

A: V1 is the booster to the output tubes, V2 is the phase inverter for the output tubes. When viewing the amplifier from the back, V1 is on the left side on the combo and the right side on the head.


Q: Can the SV handle another 12A_7 style tube without damage to tubes or circuitry?

A: Yes, but as these tubes act as a phase inverter and a boost to the power amp (rather than traditionally "cleaning up" the preamp section), you may not get the result you are looking for.


Q: What Line 6 controllers work with the Spider Valve series amplifier?

Controller compatibility chart




Q: Is there a bias switch to change the power tubes to EL-34s or other power tube types?

A: No, the Spider Valve does not offer bias switchable options and was designed to only be used with 6L6 power amp output tubes.


Q: Is the effect loop series or parallel? Is the effect loop mono or stereo?

A: The effect loop is series mono.


Q: Is there a headphone output on the Spider Valve series?

A: There is no headphone output on the Spider Valve Series, but you can use the XLR output to go to a mixer, then use the headphone jack from the mixer.


Q: Can I run my Spider Valve amplifier without a speaker load?

A:No, you cannot run the Spider Valve series without a speaker load. Please see the following link for more information on cabinet connections:


Cabinet Connection and Ohm F.A.Q.


Q: Can the Spider Valve be run with a Variac?

A: This is not recommended as the lower voltage can cause problems with the digital processing in the Preamp section of the Spider Valve.


Q: Can I run a Palmer S.E., THD Hot Plate, Power Soak, etc. for speaker simulation or power attenuation?

A: There are no known issues regarding the use of any direct recording simulators or power attenuators between the power amp output and the speaker cabinet, but if there is damage caused by improper connections or malfunctioning gear it will not covered under the Line 6 warranty.


Q: Do the 112 and 212 combos support external speaker cabinets? If so, will the external cabs mute the internal speakers of the SV?

A: Yes, the Spider Valve supports the use of additional cabinets. Please ensure that the ohm load is correct to avoid damaging your amplifier.


Q: What is the bias voltage for the 6L6 tubes?

A: 35 ma (or mv)


Q: Does the XLR output still send signal when the amplifier is on standby? Is there an FX loop? MIDI ports?

A: The XLR Direct Out (which is a POD-style output with speaker simulation) will function when the amplifier is in standby mode.The Spider Valve has a pre-amp out (effect send) and Power amp in (effect return) section. There are no MIDI ports on the Spider Valve series.


Q: What do the FBV shortboard stomp, FX Loop/Function 1, and Function 2 do?

A: The Stomp button activates the "boost" on both the original (Mark I) and Mark II shortboard. The FX Loop (Mk I)/Function 1 (Mk II) activates the Noise gate. The Function 2 (Mk II only) has no function on the Spider Valve.


Q: Does the FBV controller (long board) work any differently that the other FBV controller switch the Spider Valve series?

A: The FBV controller (long board) work just like the other controllers, but there are numerous buttons that will have no functions, such as the Stomp 2/3 buttons, tremolo, and favorite channel.


Q: Where is the fuse located in the chain?

A: The fuse is located between the 12AX7s and 6L6s (there is no "master" fuse).


Spider Valve Cabinet FAQs


Q: What are the specs for the 4x12 cabinet?

A: 9 ply, ¾" wood with Celestion Vintage 30 speakers. There is no ‘internal baffle`.


Q: What are the ohm load options for the 4x12 cabinet?

A: The switchable ohm load options for the 4x12 cabinet are 16 ohm mono, 8 ohm stereo, and 4 ohm mono.


Trouble shooting:


Q: What is the manufacturer’s warranty for SV?

A: The warranty for the Spider Valve amplifier is 12 months from the date of purchase, the tubes are warrantied for 90 days from the date of purchase.


Q: How do I perform a factory reset on my Spider Valve?

A: The factory reset for the Spider Valve series is to hold the "A" button while powering the unit.


Q: Will using different brands of 6L6 tubes in the Spider Valve void the warranty?

A: No, feel free to experiment with other tubes of the same type.


Q: My amp seems to be malfunctioning. What can I do as an end user?

Amp Troubleshooting


Tube Troubleshooting and Replacement


*Q: Where can I download a Spider Valve manual?

Line 6 Manuals



Q: Where can I get a cover for my Line 6 amplifier?

Cases And Covers



Q: In the manual's explanation of how to save patch and perform 'NAME EDIT' with the FBV shortboard: Page 45, it states to use the 'COMP' & 'MOD' button to select one of the characters of the channel name. I don't see a COMP button, what should I use?

A: Please use the 'STOMP' & 'MOD' button to select the characters from left to right. This was an error in the manual due for revision.


Spider Valve Preset Patches.pdf


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