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Vetta 2.5 Known Issues


Vetta II Post Delay Mix Issue

On some patches with POST DELAY active, you will notice that if you turn DELAY off/on, the perceived mix will jump to %100. Please follow the steps below when the problem patch is active to resolve this issue:

  • Select FOOT CONTROL.
  • Scroll to Page 4 that say PEDAL 1.
  • Use the black knob under DEST to assign PEDAL 1 to a different parameter (an fx you are not using on the patch),

Go to page 5 and if PEDAL 2 is set to POST DELAY MIX, follow the same instructions above.

  • Select SAVE twice to save the changes.

Gain/Drive Reversal When Using Line 6 Edit

  • Drive and gain for distortion effects are reversed when loaded into Line 6 Edit: After loading a tone or changing the model selection, the drive and gain values for distortion effects are reversed when comparing the amp display to Line 6

edit. When adjusting the drive or gain using Line 6 Edit or the amp, the correct control moves and jumps to match the value of the one you are moving. This effects all distortion effects, and also happens when loading a tone.


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