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Vetta Trouble Shooting F.A.Q.s


Q: I have a blank screen on my Vetta?

A: If you can't see any characters on your Vetta when you are going through the update, please angle your Vetta or look very closely at the screen at an angle. You should see a faint readout on the screen. If you cannot see anything at all (and adjusting the contrast does not help), you will need to reinstall the firmware. See the Vetta Software Update/Reflash Procedure for the correct method for reflashing your Vetta. Line 6 recommends (but does not officially support) the M-AUDIO MIDISport Uno. Some MIDI to USB devices use an old technology known as "active sensing" and/or they cannot handle the large file transfer. Please ensure that you install the correct drivers directly from the M-Audio website.


Q: I have slow patch changes on my Vetta?

A: If program changes seem slow when switching from preset to preset after you've upgraded the Vetta's software, you will want to reset the program memory. Here's how:

Press SAVE and scroll to page 11 "RESET FACTORY". While on this page, press SAVE to reset the Factory Bank. The right LCD will read "restoring FACTORY bank".

When this process is complete, scroll to page 12 "RESET USER" and press SAVE once again. The right LCD will now read "restoring USER bank". Press TAP when the process is complete. Program change should now be back to normal. If this does not fix the problem, you want to reinstall the FLASH MEMORY on your VETTA II. This time when you are asked if you want to keep your existing patches, click NO.


Q: Presets are not saved after I reboot my Vetta?

A: The internal battery should be relaced. We use lithium batteries in the Vetta to store the user presets, a common replacement is the Panasonic BR2325-1HG. The current battery will need to be de-soldered and replaced with a new battery. If you are not confident in doing this replacement, it should be performed by an authorized Line 6 Service Center.


Q: I get no sound when I plug my Variax into my Vetta's VDI?

A: Ensure that the Variax is outputing signal and that your Vetta is receiving the informing by check the step in the Vetta manual (see 47 and 440 for more information). Also, press the "Output Setup" button then rotate the page knob to page 4/4. Look for "Format" section and turn the format knob (first from the left) to 44.1/16.


Q: I am receiving an "access error" on my Vetta?

A: This is an internal hardware error that needs to be serviced at an authorized Line 6 service center.


Q: I am receiving eight "black boxes" in the display on my Vetta?

A: This is an internal hardware error that needs to be serviced at an authorized Line 6 service center.


Q: How do I find an authorized Line 6 Service Center?

Click here to find a Service Center.


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