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X2 Digital Wireless: System, Operation Modes and Technical FAQs


Q: I am making a replacement cable for my Line 6 wireless unit - How should I wire the cable?
A: Here is the wiring from the 1/8" TRS jack to the 1/4" mono plug: Tip and Sleeve from the 1/8" jack go to the 1/4" Sleeve (ground), the Ring on the 1/8" TRS jack goes to the Tip (Hot) of the 1/4" jack.


Q: Is there any way to make an external antenna for the XDS95 or is it even necessary?
A: The antennae are built into the chassis of the XDS95 and perform quite well. Therefore there is no need for external antennae.


Q: The belt clip seems to easily fall off my strap with the slightest jumping around. How can I avoid this?
A: Thin straps are typically the culprit. Weaving your guitar strap through the clip will help to ensure a secure fit.


Q: I would like to buy multiple transmitters. Where can I find them?
A: Please see a list of our dealers on our authorized dealers page. Any of our dealers can order additional available accessories if they are out of stock.


Q: Do you offer replacement and or extra cables? Do you also offer an angled plugged cable?
A: See the following link for the replacement cable on the Line 6 webstore:
Line 6 Store: X2 Replacement Cable
X2 Digital Wireless Systems & componants


System Comparison Chart


XDS95: XDR1 + XDT1
XDR95x: XDR4 + XDT4
XDR952: Omni Lav Mic
XDR953: Headset Mic
XDR954: Cardiod Lav Mic
XDR955: Handheld Mic
XDR957: Horn Mic


X2 system operation modes.png


XDR vs XDS Mode
-In XDR the Q-diversity Plus feature is active to minmize signal dropouts as well as to provide a better frequency response: 10 Hz - 20 kHz +/- .5 dB
-In XDS mode the frequency response is 10hz - 12khz


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