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AMPLIFi and Firehawk Android Compatibility


Attention AMPLIFi and Firehawk owners:


We have learned that Google will not be making older applications available for the newest versions of Android at the end of October 2023. This will affect AMPLIFi and Firehawk remotes.


As of November 1, 2023, new users running Android versions higher than KitKat (Android 4.4, API Level 19) will no longer see AMPLIFI and Firehawk remote available in the Google Play store. Existing users will still be able to access the apps, regardless of Android version. “New user” means that the user has never downloaded the app, and wishes to do so for the first time. “Existing user” means that the user has previously downloaded our app.


As Firehawk support expires 5/1/2024, and AMPLIFi support expires 12/1/2023, we had already planned to not update these apps. However, we have discovered a 3rd party host of the APK (Android Application Package) needed by new users to run the app. We’d like to warn users to proceed at your own risk, as it’s a somewhat advanced user process to load APKs directly, and it is not a procedure that we support.


As a guide, here’s a customer’s experience as reported in a support ticket with our staff:



  • I copied it into the download folder on my Samsung J7. (Android 7.1.1)


  • I had to uncheck the "other sources" option in Security on the phone so I could install from a place other than the Play store.


  • I opened it up on my phone and tapped to install.


  • Turned on the hardware and pushed the Bluetooth button.


  • Turned on Bluetooth on my phone and they connected!

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