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Line 6 Floorboard and FB4 F.A.Q.


Q: What Line 6 controller works with Line 6 Floorboard and/or the FB4?
A: The Line 6 products that are compatable with the Line 6 Floorboard/FB4 are:


* Axsys/AX2
* Flextone (I), II combos and heads
* POD (I) and II (marked as "pedal", not "FBV), POD Pro
* Bass POD and Bass POD Pro
* Spider (I)


Q: What type of cables are used with the Line 6 controllers?
A: The Line 6 controllers use a standard CAT-5/6 cable with standard RJ-45 ends. These cables are very common in data connection and can be found in most local computer outlets. The FBV controllers ship with a black 25' cable included in the box.


Q: How long can the CAT-5/6 cable be before I have communication errors?
A: We've tested with cable lengths up to 50' with no problems.


Q: Can I use a "cross-over" CAT-5/6 cable with Line 6 gear?
A: You CANNOT use a "crossover" CAT-5 cable, as it may send voltage to unintended locations of your FBV Controller and damage the unit.


Q: I used a new data cable to connect my Floorboard/FB4 controller and I saw smoke?
A: It sounds as if you may have used a network "cross-over" cable, which has a different wiring configuration (but the same RJ-45 connection) as a standard CAT-5/6 cable. If this is the case, voltage that was intended to power the the pedal were routed to the wrong place, resulting in damage to the pedal. This FBV series controller will need to repaired/replaced.


Q: Can I use a CAT-5 data splitter from my Line 6 unit(s) to run multiple Floorboard/FB4 controllers on stage (or run multiple Line 6 units from a single controller)?
A: No, The FBV controller was designed to work on its own with a single amplifier.


Q: How do I activate the trem/chorus button on my Floor Board?
A: In order to activate the TREM/CHORUS effect while in the Floor Board's EFFECT ON/OFF mode, the chosen program (or Channel) will need to have the desired effect already programmed into it, but in the off the position. To do this, simply select the desired program, add and adjust the desired Tremolo, Chorus, Flanger or Rotary effect, engage the EFFECT ON/OFF mode on the Floor Board and then turn the effect off with the TREM/CHORUS button. Now, with the effect turned off, press SAVE twice. The program is now stored with the desired effect and effect settings, but in the off position. This effect can now be toggled on and off using the TREM/CHORUS button when the Floor Board is in EFFECT ON/OFF mode.


Q: Can I use the Line 6 Floor Board as a MIDI controller to control other MIDI effects units?
A: The Line 6 floorboard is not a dedicated MIDI controller for multiple units. Line 6 units that have midi outputs can send midi program change information. You can then simply connect the midi out jack from the Line 6 device to the midi in of the device that you wish to control. Be aware that there is no MIDI channel control and you may need to perform MIDI mapping within the second unit.


Q: I am not able to get a Wah or Volume Sweep on my Line 6 Floorboard?
1. Check the photoelectric strip running under the wah pedal to make sure it is not ripped or torn. If it ripped it will need to be replaced.If it is not seated correctly, you may be able to manually adjust it.


2. Replace the ethernet cable connecting your floorboard to your unit. It is a standard category five ethernet cable with two male rj45 connectors.


3. Re-seat the cable in the jacks of the floorboard and amp.


Q: I can not get my floor board to switch to the Presets, I try to hit the two switches simultaneously but it never goes to "P" only to "U"?
A: If you are using the Floor Board with a POD, Spider or Flextone II, this function is not available as all of the presets in these units are "U" (User Presets). This allows you to edit and store over all of them.


Q: The Volume and/or the Wah Pedal on my Floor Board squeaks when I move it. What can I do to fix this?
A: If the squeak you're hearing is more like a mechanical squeak, it could simply be a case of adjusting the screw and nut that mount the pedal to the Floor Board. Another simple solution may be to apply a small dab of 3-and-1 oil on the screw and nut that mount the pedal to the Floor Board.


Q: How do I calibrate my Line 6 Floorboard?
1) Remove the six bottom screws and four side screws
2) Locate the green PCB directly underneath the pedals (you will see the pedal controls with white plastic sticking out).
3) There will be two small set screws on the lower right of the pedal controls. Use these screws to adjust the pedal control by listening and adjusting to your preference. The amp and pedal will need to be powered up, so be careful when performing this adjustment.


If you you are still having difficulty after trying your unit with a different CAT-5 cable and Line 6 unit, take your Floorboard/FB to your nearest Line 6 Service Center.


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