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M5/M9 Firmware Update Instructions





  • A MIDI interface that connects to your computer via USB (download the current Driver for it if you don't have it installed)
  • 2 MIDI cables (or a MIDI interface such as the M-Audio Uno that comes with attached MIDI cables)

NOTE: Line 6 recommends a name brand USB to MIDI interface produced by an audio company that supports/updates their drivers. Good choices include: M-Audio, Edirol, E-Mu and MOTU. These interfaces have proven to be more robust and reliable when it comes to large MIDI transfers such as the M9 and M13 update.

  • For further infomation on MIDI connectivity and interfaces, please go over the following MIDI Document
  • Line 6 Monkey 1.35 or higher installed. Download and install the Line 6 Monkey software here


  1. Connect your MIDI interface to your computer via USB cable.
  2. Connect the M9/M5 MIDI Out to your MIDI interface In, and connect the M9/M5 MIDI In to your MIDI interface Out.
  3. Launch the Line 6 Monkey 1.35 (or higher) with the M9/M5 connected via the MIDI interface and powered on.
  4. Select the Flash Memory line item and click the Update Selection button to install the flash memory update into the M9/M5.
  5. The device will receive the firmware data and the unit will be updated to the latest Firmware. It sometimes takes 30 seconds to 1 minute to appear like the unit is receiving the update and takes several minutes to complete. The M9/M5 will re-initialize when the update is complete.


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