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Expression Pedal & Stompbox Modeler Pedal FAQ


NOTE: Because they also use 10k pots, the EX-1 Expression Pedal can be substituted with the Mission EP1-L6 or SP1-L6H Expression Pedal.


Q: How do I use an EX-1 Expression Pedal with a Stomp Box Modeling Pedal?
A: Power off your stomp box modeler by unplugging the left/mono input. Next, plug in your expression pedal and set the expression pedal to the full heel down position. Plug the left/mono input back in and dial up a sound you like. Now press the expression pedal forward to the toe down position, and set one of more of your knobs to another setting. Rock back and forth on your expression pedal and you'll hear your sound blend between the two sound settings you just made. Store this sound into one of your pedals memories and the toe down and heel settings will be saved as well.


Example of EX-1 connected to a DL4 Modeling Pedal:
- Move EX-1 to heel down, adjust the delay settings on DL4.
- Then move the expression pedal to toe.
- Now change only the parameters that you want to be affected.
- Heel to toe sweeps between those two settings.


Q: Do I need to reprogram my changes with the EX-1 every time I plug the pedal in?
A: You do not need to restart your effect unit everytime you want to reset the expression pedal. Your expression pedal settings will remain the way you set them up regardless of effect knob settings. Your expression pedal settings can be saved to the effects parameters saved by the footswitches.


Q: Can I use one EX-1 Expression Pedal to control two modeling (4x4) pedals?
A: There are a couple ways to approach running two modeling pedals with a single EX-1. Both methods require modification (as the ohm resistance will be cut in half):


- Replace the 10k pot in the EX-1 with a 5k pot, and use a mono-split instrument cable to each modeling pedal.


- Remove the second jack hole cover (labeled "Output") and install a second 1/4" mono jack here. Replace the existing mono 10K pot with a double-ganged or stereo 10K pot. Install the leads from each side of the pot to it's own dedicated output jack, then use one mono 1/4" cable per jack connected to each expression pedal input on the 4x4 pedal(s).


Q: How can I get replacement stickers for my Stomp Box Modeling pedal?
A: The stickers for the MM4 and DL4 are attached to this document for download and printing. DL4/MM4 labels are also found at
MM4 Modulation mod.png

DL4Delay ryth.png


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