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ToneCore Pedals FAQ


Q: What are ToneCore pedals?A: ToneCore pedals are the line of modeling stompboxes from Line 6. Each of the pedals in the Tone Core line include superior Line 6 tone and features, rugged die-cast construction, dual-action switching (tap tempo), and 9 Volt operation (or optional power supply).


Q: Are ToneCore pedals "true bypass"?
A: No. However, they use an FET style switching that removes the A/D converter from the audio when in Bypass. That being said, it is unlikely that you will notice any change in your tone as FET's are extremely quiet and very fast.


Q: Are the ToneCore pedals buffered?
A: Yes, all the Tonecore pedals are buffered.


Q: Are the ToneCore pedals "true stereo"? Which models have stereo inputs/outputs?
A: The following Tonecore pedals are true stereo (stereo inputs and outputs): The Tap Tremolo, Space Chorus, and Echo park.


Q: What kind of connections do the ToneCore pedals utilize?
A: All ToneCore pedals have unbalanced input and output jacks.


Q: Does the delay have a looper?A: No. If you need looping controls and more elaborate delay features, the Line 6 DL4 sets the standard with 14 seconds of loop time, half-speed, and loop reverse.


Q: How does the tap tempo work on the various pedals?
A: ToneCore pedals feature a unique 2-IN-1 step footswitch used setting the tempo for time-based effects.
1) On all effects, step firmly on the footswitch to turn the effect On and Off.
2) On the effects like delay or tremolo, tap lightly on the footswitch a couple times to set the effect tempo.


Q: Will the mono dock tap feature work with stereo modules?
A: Yes, the tap feature will work the same in either a mono or stereo dock.


Q: How do I power my ToneCore unit?


A: The Line 6 DC-1 will power one unit at a time, or you can use a standard 9v battery that tests at 9 volts or higher. Avoid using the Line 6 PX-2 power supply (used with the POD series units), as it can damage your Tonecore unit. The DC-1 can be purchased directly from the Line 6 Store.


Q: Can I daisy chain Tone Core pedals on a power supply?A: No, you will want to use isolated power supplies for each ToneCore. The Pedal Power 2 Plus can power up to 6 Tonecore pedals and two Modeling pedals at once.


Q: What's the difference between these and the big stomp box modelers?
A: The new ToneCores are standard, single button sized stompboxes with no preset programmability, while the four button modelers have presets that can be programmed.


Q: Are these models based on vintage pedal effects or are they original?
A: Some models are totally new and others were developed using modified versions of Line 6's effects library.


Q: Can I run my Line 6 Tonecore pedal at line level either in an effect loop or between a keyboard and an amplifier?
A: Yes, you should have no problems running a Tonecore pedal at line level either in an effect loop or between a keyboard and an amplifier.


Q: How do I change the battery in my Tonecore pedal?
A: Press firmly on both sides of the metal buttons (at the same time) where the pedal presses down. This will disengage the locking mechanism and you will be able to access the battery chamber underneath the pedal section of the Tonecore.


Q: How do I get the pedal effect to turn off?
A: Due to the unique 2-IN-1 step footswitch used to set the tempo for time-based effects, you need to push hard to engage/disengage the effect. You will hear/feel an audible "click" when the effect is activated/deactivated.


Q: My dock was damaged but the module is fine. How can I replace it?
A: The mono dock is the only replaceable part left for this product, and can be purchased directly from the Line 6 Store.


Q: What are the setting for the pedals in the demonstrations?
A: Unfortunately we have no record of the settings used for the demonstrations.


Q: Do I need to have my Line 6 amplifier on a specific setting if I am going to utilize a Line 6 effect pedal?
A: There is no specific setting you should use, but you may want to modify the effects in your presets when doing your initial setup to hear exactly what you are working on.


Q: I notice a latency when you max the mix knob on the Echo Park?
A: The mix knob full on means that you will only have delay, and none of the original guitar signal. if you are running the pedal between your guitar and amplifier you will most likely want to have the mix position at 50% value or less.


Q: Is the dry signal passed through as analog and then mixed with the digital wet signal, or is the entire signal converted to digital, manipulated and then converted back to analog?
A: The audio signal does a "full conversion" of analog to digital processing, and then back to analog processing.


Q: What is the input and output impedence of the Tonecore series?
A: Input impedence: ~680-800 ohms, output impedence: ~1Kohm.


Q: What size Allen wrench is used to change the effect module?
A: 7/64" A.E.S.


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