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Legacy Forum FAQ


Q: Why did Line 6 create these Legacy forums?
A: Line 6 will no longer be offering technical support for any products that are no longer manufactured and distributed. Because of this, we wanted to create a community where Legacy users can answer each other's questions, and also find all appropriate documentation for their products.


Q: What does "Legacy" mean?
A: Legacy is the term used by Line 6 to describe all products that are no longer manufactured, distributed, or supported by Line 6.


Q: What if my Legacy product breaks down and needs repair? Can I still have it fixed?
A: Yes. All of our authorized service centers still have access to all Legacy schematics and any available parts. However, depending on the failure, some parts may no longer be available. Please call your local Service Center for more details.
Q: Will Line 6 still offer software support when it is used with a Legacy product?
A: No. Technical support for software will not be offered by Line 6 when being used with a Legacy hardware device.


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