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iOS 10 and watchOS 3 support


Apple’s iOS 10 and watchOS 3 are being released to the public today. Our testing with these new operating systems has shown that all of our software and hardware are working as expected with these systems.


Two notes to be aware of:

  • On the first run of Stagescape Remote or MIDI Memo Recorder, a dialog will be displayed stating that this application has not been optimized and may have slow performance. This is an Apple message which occurs because of the age of these apps. In our testing, these apps perform well in iOS 10.

  • iOS 10 drops support for all 30-pin devices. So, MIDI Mobilizer, MIDI Mobilizer II and MobileIn are no longer supported. Here is a list of iOS devices which are no longer supported beginning with iOS 10:
    • -iPhone 4s
    • -iPad 2
    • -iPad 3
    • -iPad Mini 1
    • -iPod touch (5th Generation)


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