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  • Information to help you get the most out of the Mobile POD app.


Table of Contents
· General
· Compatibility and Hardware
· Version Differences


Q: Why did you make Mobile POD available for In-App purchase to work with all iOS Core Audio interfaces?
A: We wanted to provide every music creator with access to the best sounding mobile amp modeler with a number of options to record ideas or jam on the go.


Q: How do I get Mobile POD?
A: Mobile POD is available at the Apple App Store.


Q: Is Mobile POD free?
A: Mobile POD is free with Sonic Port Family and Mobile-In interfaces. Otherwise, Mobile POD can be purchased at the Apple App Store and works with any iOS Core Audio compatible interface.


Q: When will Mobile POD be ready to work with non-Line 6 interfaces?
A: Mobile POD works with non-Line 6 iOS Core Audio interfaces right now.


Q: Can Line 6 Support help me with a refund, or help me restore my purchase to my iOS device?
A: In relation to Mobile POD purchases, Apple administers the content in their store. Line 6 Support cannot grant refunds or restore licenses, only Apple can. We suggest reviewing your iTunes account's Purchase History when talking to their Support Team would be helpful


Compatibility and Hardware:
Q: If I already own Mobile POD from my Line 6 Sonic Port, will I be charged to download this version of Mobile POD to work on other devices?
A: No. If you already own Mobile POD from a Line 6 product, you simply need to download the latest version of the app from the App Store.


Q: What devices is Mobile POD compatible with?
A: Mobile POD can be used with any Core Audio interface. However, the best experience is with a Line 6 Sonic Port or Sonic Port VX, as they are the only guitar interfaces with 120 dB of dynamic range - capturing every nuance of each performance, with headroom to spare.


Q: Does Mobile POD work without external hardware?
A: No, Mobile POD works with audio interfaces that are connected to the iOS device with an analog, 30-pin or Lightning connector. Make sure you give Mobile Pod access to the microphone in the iOS settings: Privacy> Microphone > Mobile Pod


Q: Does Mobile POD work with Inter-App Audio and AudioBus?
A: Yes it does.


Q: My audio interface has a guitar input on input two. Can I select that second input with Mobile POD?
A: Yes, Mobile POD 1.7.2 allows you to select input one or input two as the source.


Q: Can I use the purchased Mobile POD app on more than one iOS device that I own?
A: Yes, you can. In order to use it on multiple devices, Mobile POD needs to be downloaded with the Apple ID that owns the in-app purchase on that device. You'll then need to go into the Setting tab and tap 'Restore Previous Purchase' under "In App Purchase".


User Interface:
Q: Are there any sonic differences with this version of Mobile POD?
A: No. This is the same Mobile POD that comes bundled with Line 6 Sonic Port interfaces. Now Mobile POD gives any core audio interface access to 32 classic amp models, 16 effects and 16 speaker cabinets from POD 2.0, used by artists on countless hit records, as well as the best sounding amp modeler.


Q: Are there any differences in the user interface with this version of Mobile POD?
A: No.


Q: Can I try Mobile POD before buying it in the App Store or before buying a Sonic Port interface or Mobile In?
A: To check out Mobile POD without a Line 6 device, download the app, then use the four looping guitar riffs to explore the included amps and effects - and tweak them in real time.


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