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TonePort UX8 Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is TonePort UX8 an audio interface or software? Does it record?

A: TonePort UX8 is a USB audio interface. Every TonePort audio interface works with the included GearBox modeling software as an integrated hardware/software system. The TonePort device gets audio signals into your computer and GearBox software makes everything you record sound amazing. TonePort UX8 is a unique integration of professional hardware and amp and effects modeling software. Designed with high quality electrical components and a rugged exterior, TonePort UX8 provides a wide dynamic range and an exceedingly low noise floor.


The UX8, like every TonePort device, works together with the included GearBox software as an integrated hardware/software system, making everything you record sound amazing. Additionally, TonePort UX8 features Line 6's exclusive ToneDirect Monitoring, which lets you hear your GearBox-processed signal instantaneously, providing unmatched responsiveness while you record.


Q: What is ToneDirect monitoring?

A: ToneDirect monitoring allows you to monitor a fully processed signal with extremely low latency, regardless of the buffer size of your recording application. This means that there is an incredibly small delay between when you play a note and when you actually hear the sound from your speakers. This is unusual among audio interfaces because with other more traditional monitoring solutions, you either have to listen to processed audio with significant latency, often such that it is hard to play along with what you are recording or listen to a signal with no processing. It's uninspiring to say the least to hear completely dry electric guitar with no amp, cab, or effect processing.


Q: What is GearBox?

A: GearBox is the standalone software application that works with your TonePort audio interface, providing everything you need to record professional sounding tracks. GearBox contains models of vintage and modern amps, speaker cabinets, stompbox and studio effects for guitar, bass and vocals and can be applied while recording to any pair of inputs.


Q: Can I apply Gearbox effects to all 8 inputs at once?

A: Yes, using the Gearbox plug-in that is included with the UX8.


Q: Will Gearbox be able to record at 96K?

A: The UX8 driver can process audio at 96K, but Gearbox operates at 48K. Gearbox converts the 96k signal from the UX8 driver, converts it to 48k, processes it, then sends the signal to the UX8 driver, which then converts the signal to 96k.


Q: Can I use TonePort UX8 without the GearBox software?

A: Yes, you can use the TonePort hardware without GearBox software.


Q: Can you re-amp with UX8?

A: Not the same way you can with a PODxt, but you can via the GearBox Plug-In. The method for re-amping with a PODxt is pointed out in Knowledge Base document 3940.


Q: What is GearBox Plug-In?

A: GearBox Plug-In is a VST, AU and RTAS plug-in, providing the same models as the standalone application and additional flexibility when mixing and mastering.


Q: Is the GearBox Plug-In included with TonePort UX8?

A: Yes, it is.


Q: Are TonePort UX8 and GearBox Intel Mac compatible?

A: Yes, they are.


Q: What recording software can I use with TonePort UX8?

A: Every TonePort supports the ASIO standard on Windows and Core Audio on the Macintosh and should work well with any recording application that supports one of these protocols. The UX8 is designed to work with most major applications such as ProTools, Logic, Cubase, Nuendo, Sonar and Ableton Live.


Q: Can I use TonePort UX8 and GearBox processing as a front end for Pro Tools?

A: Yes, if your Pro Tools® hardware interface has a S/PDIF input you can run the stereo S/PDIF output of your TonePort UX8 directly into your Pro Tools hardware, complete with ToneDirectâ„¢ monitoring and GearBox processing. You can also utilize the Pro Tools compatible RTAS-format GearBox Plug-In for mixing and mastering.


Q: Is RiffWorks 2 Line 6 Edition compatible with TonePort UX8?

A: No, RiffWorks Line 6 and Riffworks 2 Line 6 Edition are not compatible with the UX8. However, the Standard Edition (full version) of Riffworks available for purchase through the Sonoma WireWorks website:


Q: Can I expand the model set of TonePort UX8 with Line 6 Model Packs?

A: Yes, you can. They are available as optional Model Pack purchases from our online Store.


Q: Can I transfer model packs that I purchased on another Line 6 hardware device over to my new UX8?

A: Yes. Once you've purchased a model pack license key, that key remains with your user account indefinitely. You cannot, however have two or more different registered hardware devices running the same model pack simultaneously. Only one hardware device can have the model pack installed on it at any given time.


Q: Do the gain controls on the front panel control the line input jacks on the back of the unit?

A: The gain controls the input level of the XLR inputs, not the instrument cable inputs (as these are assuming line level and most instruments will have their own level control).


Q: What do the VU meters do on TonePort UX8?

A: The GearBox application allows you to assign the signal that is monitored by the VU meters to various audio sources: including input, record send, output and monitor levels.


Q: How accurate are the VU meters on the UX8 in relation to the meters in the software?

A: Very accurate, with the smallest of variance between Gearbox and the physical meters.


Q: What will happen if my signal clips the unbalanced analog input on the UX8?

A: The clipping will be a "natural clipping". The cure is to lower the incoming signal at the source.


Q: How many Instruments/Mics can I record at one time? Since you are monitoring directly out of the UX8, am I going to experience any latency when recording all 8 inputs?

A: 8 inputs can be recorded at any given time. Outputs 1 & 2 are monitored via ToneDirect, with the remaining outputs monitored from the hardware at near zero latency.


Q: Can the phantom power from the UX8 damage my dynamic mic?

A: No, it will not.


Q: What is the signal to noise ratio on the analog inputs?

A: The UX8 has an input signal to noise ratio of .005% THD, with a dynamic range of 111 dB.


Q: What do flashing lights on the unit mean?

A: The LED status indicators (Main Mute and Main Clip LEDs provide secondary functions in their ability to indicate the connection status of USB and S/PDIF) as follows:

  • No USB connection: The main clip LEDs alternate steadily between left and right, about once every second. The USB cable may be unplugged or the UX8 driver may not be installed on your computer.
  • No S/PDIF clock sync: The Mute LED blinks 3 times rapidly about once every second when the clock mode set to S/PDIF, and no external clock is present.

Q: What are the dimensions and weight of the UX8?

A: The UX8 is a standard two-unit rack space module, with dimensions of 17"w x 7"d (8" with knobs) x 3.5"h. The shipping weight is 11.6 lbs.


Known Issues:

  • An incompatibility for systems running on Intel ICH10 USB Chipsets; UX8 will hang the user's computer system. The solution for this is to use a PCI USB 2.0 interface card to connect UX8.
  • Record buss mis-routing of UX8 in Gearbox when recording into DAW
  • Gearbox is remembering POD Farm 1 and 2 Record send settings if PF (1 or 2) was used before Gearbox program. Workaround is to reset the Record Send settings that were made in POD Farm 1 or 2, or to reboot the computer.

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