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Q: How do I reset the Bass POD to its factory settings?

A: Press and hold the up and down arrow buttons as you power the unit on for 5-7 seconds or until it goes to the preset 1-A.


Q: How do I check the version of software on my Bass POD?

A: To check your software version on the Bass Pod series, hold the "Manual" button down while powering the unit on. The display will spell "Bass Pod" or "Bass Pod Pro" depending on your gear, then give a version number (ie. 1.5 for Bass Pod).


Q: What is the difference between Bass POD and Bass POD Pro?

A: The Bass POD Pro will have digital outs and digital clock in,along with XLR balanced outputs, a dry signal out and a line input. It also has 24bit A/D and D/A converters as opposed to the 20bit converters of the Bass POD


Q: How do I connect my Bass POD to my computer for editing?

A: In order to establish communication between your Bass POD's MIDI In and Out and your computer, you will need a MIDI Interface, two standard MIDI cables and the cables necessary to connect the interface to your computer.

Q: What editing software do I use to edit patches on my Bass POD?

A: You'll need to download a copy of SoundDiver which is currently not supported by Line 6 but can be found in the Archived section of our Software Downloads Page.

Q: How do I record my Bass POD into my computer?

A: In order to record the audio signal of your Bass POD directly into your computer, you will first need the proper type of software that is capable of recording audio loaded into your computer.

You will also need a sound card that has an audio input.

If you have a Soundblaster type of card, you will need a cable that has two 1/4 inch mono plugs on one end and one 1/8 inch stereo plug. This cable can be found at most major music retailers. The two 1/4 inch mono jacks on this cable will need to be inserted into the Bass POD's Modeled and DI Outputs and the other end of the cable should be inserted into the audio input of your computer's sound card. Make sure your sound card and audio software are configured to receive audio input and you should be ready to record.

If you are using another type of soundcard, like a unit that has an external break out box, you can plug directly into that box using a regular guitar cable of a balanced (TRS) cable. Be sure to check the documentation that came with the unit to configure it correctly.


Q: How should I connect my Bass POD to my amplifier?

A: The Bass Pod is not a power amp. You will need to go from the Bass Pod into a power amp and then into a cabinet, or insert the Bass Pod in the effects loop of your amp.

The Bass Pod's outputs are line level outputs. If you want to go into the front you should consider purchasing a direct box (ebtech makes a fairly inexpensive one) that will drop your level down to an instrument level. This way the impedance levels will not be mismatched between your Bass Pod and Head.

Another thing you might want to check would be the overall output level of your Bass Pod. It should be set between 12 and 2 o'clock.


Q: Can I Time Align and blend the DI signal with the Amp Model?

A:Yes. To blend the DI signal into the Amp Model output, press the MANUAL+CABS/EQ buttons simultaneously so that the CABS/EQ button is flashing slowly. Adjust Compress knob from min (all model@Amp Model output) to max (all DI@ Amp Model output). Press CABS/EQ to exit. This is storable in a preset.

The Model and DI outputs are preset to be time aligned at 100Hz, but you can adjust this. To Time Align the Amp Model and DI outputs, press the MANUAL+CABS/EQ buttons simultaneously so that the CABS/EQ button is flashing slowly. Adjust Channel Volume from min (0ms delay) to max (8ms delay). Press CABS/EQ to exit. This is storable in a preset.

When you're in this mode, all of the other knobs (amp tone controls, tweak) still function so it's easy to dial in a time aligned, blended DI signal with your main tone.


Q: How do I change the Cab and Mic models on the Bass POD?

A: CAB/A.I.R. - Press the CAB/A.I.R. button once to pick a Cab Model to pair with your amplifier, select the microphone used on the cabinet and even set the amount of "room" that the mic captures. Unlike the EFFECT ON/OFF buttons, this button is not an on/off type control. A single press of this button simply lets you change cabs and mics quickly. When the Cabinets are off, this button's light will be off as well.


Q: Is the Bass POD a mono device?

A: The short answer to this is yes, the Bass POD is mono in the sense that there is no left and right output of the effects. Instead, the Bass POD has an amp model out and a "direct" out because most bass players will usually record their bass going directly into the mixing console as well as going through their amp (which is mic'ed and then sent to the mixing console.) Some players do this in live situations when the PA can accommodate it. Because of this, we found having seperate "Amp" and "D.I." outputs would be more useful than stereo.


Q: The Bass POD web page says there is a Cabinet Tuning Mode for matching the output of the Bass POD to different cabinet types when using the Bass POD as the front end of an amplifier. Is this true?

A: Yes, this feature is not documented in the manual.

You will need to power the Bass Pod up holding down the save button. Then you can choose between A,B,C, or D. The Bass Pod will default to a. Mode "A" assumes that POD is feeding a flat power amp and that your speakers are a closed back 4x12 cabinet. Mode "B" assumes that POD is feeding a flat power amp and that your speakers are an open back combo amp (1x12 or 2x12). Mode "C" is the default mode that assumes POD is in front of the Combo/head and your speakers are an open back combo amp. Mode "D" assumes that POD is feeding into the front of a Head and your speakers are a 4x12 closed back cabinet.


Q: Is it possible to upgrade my POD 1 to a Bass POD?

A: Unfortunately, there is no upgrade path between the Pod and Bass Pod.

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