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EPROM Upgrade and F.A.Q.


Line 6 no longer offers EPROM upgrades. Technology life cycle has made it not viable to buy the blank EPROMs through normal commercial channels any longer. We had small quantities of the EPROM for AXsys/AX2 Flextone II, POD Pro, Bass POD Pro, POD2 (original), and Bass POD to begin with, and we have run out completely.


Q: What is a Line 6 EPROM Upgrade?
A: An EPROM upgrade is a newer version of the firmware (flash memory) for a Line 6 unit that does not have USB capability to upgrade via the internet.


Q: What are the latest versions of the Line 6 EPROM upgradeable units?
A: The latest versions of EPROM are:


POD: V2.3 The Pod 2.3 firmware upgrade includes recoded cabinet models as well as a few amp models. In addition, we added some test routines and addressed a minor bug or two. You should notice a little more detail, clarity, and presence in your tone because of these enhancements. The newer FBV version of the POD 2.0 will show 2.54 when checking EPROM, but these units are not upgradeable via EPROM chip.


POD Pro: V1.3
Bass Pod: V1.5
Bass Pod Pro: V1.4
Flextone II: V2.4
Flextone II HD: V1.3


Q: How do I find the current version of the POD EPROM?
A: To find the current version of software installed in your POD, press and hold the MANUAL button while turning on the POD. The display will first read "POD" and then the software version will follow. Continue to hold the button until the preset shows up and you will be sure to see the complete version. Upon normal power up, it will only show version 2.0.


Q: How can I check the version of software on a Flextone II or III?
A: Hold down the C button as you power up. The D channel will flash and then the SAVE channel will flash.
The number of D flashes = X
The number of Save flashes = .X


So if the D flashes twice and the SAVE button flashes twice, your version is 2.2.


Q: Is there a way to upgrade a POD to a Bass POD ("BOD") or Vice versa?
A: Unfortunately, there is no upgrade path between the Pod and Bass Pod.


Q: How do I install a new EPROM upgrade chip in the POD/POD 2.0?
A: To install the Pod EPROM, take the four screws out of the back of the pod to expose the main PC board, it would be the largest chip on the board. Remove the chip with a flat screwdriver and replace with the new one. There is a notch on the socket on the PC board, line up the notch on the chip with the notch on the socket.


For more information on Firmware and EPROM please use the following links.


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