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Using Global EQ


Global EQ is used for compensating for the wide disparity in acoustic environments on tour or when traveling from studio to studio, and is applied to all setlists and presets. Global EQ features three fully parametric bands plus variable low and high cut filters. This feature is not available in the HD editor programs used via computer.


To access Global EQ:

  1. Press and hold the VIEW button to open the Setup Menu.
  2. Using the four-way, cursor right until you see the Global EQ screen.
  3. Turn Knob 1 to select the desired EQ band (Low Cut, Low, Mid, High, High Cut) andturn Knobs 2, 3, and/or 4 to adjust the selected band.
  4. To bypass or enable Global EQ, press ENTER.

NOTE—Due to L6 LINK’s flexible routing, Global EQ is not available at this output.


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