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Lincoln Brewster patch load instructions


These instructions come to us courtesy of user timowens. NOTE: We cannot tell you how to manipulate ZIP files. Google probably can, though.


I think the problem is you have to add the .x3m extension to the file; you should also use GearBox for better versatility. I use Windows but here's how it worked for me...


Note: In GearBox you can load bundles or individual presets from from your hard drive and it does not actually save them to the POD until you click on Put All or Put Selected.


Download the zip file.

Open it and save the file LB-PODX3-V1 to your hard drive.

Rename the file LB-PODX3-V1.x3m

Open GearBox.

In the Hardware Memory Window click on Open Bundle.

Find the file you just saved "LB-PODX3-V1.x3m" and click open.

Now all the presets are loaded into GearBox (but not the POD).

You can double click on the presets in the Hardware Memory Window to load them into the GearBox window and audition them.

When you find a tone you want to save to the POD, click on the preset in the Hardware Memory Window the highlight it and click on Put Selected to save it to the POD.

When you are done, click on Get All in the Hardware Memory Window to reload the presets that you didn't just overwrite from the POD into GearBox.


As an alternative, what I like to do is load the bundle into GearBox, find a preset that I want to save, double click on it in the Hardware Memory Window to load it into the GearBox Window and click on the File menu, click on DualTone and then Save As, give the preset a name and save it. This will save only this one preset to my harddrive. When I've saved all the presets that I want I can either close GearBox and restart it or click on Get All in the Hardware Memory Window to reload GearBox with the memory from the POD. Now I can find a preset in the POD that I don't want to keep, double click on it to load it and then use the File/DualTone/Open command to load one of the individual presets that I just saved on the harddrive. Now you just have to use Put Selected or Put All to commit the changes to the POD.


Hope this helps.


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