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POD X3 Live Applications F.A.Q


Q: How many different ways can I connect my POD X3 Live in a live setting?

1. Mono or Stereo Recording or Direct to Mixer/PA

2. Feed One Guitar Amp

3. Feed Two Guitar Amps, One for Tone 1 and One for Tone 2

4. Feed a Guitar Amp and Send Separate XLR Direct Outs to Mixer/PA

5. Electric Guitar to On-Stage Amp & Direct Out + Vocals/Acoustic/ Direct Out Only

NOTE: Instructions to the connection methods listed above can be found in the POD X3 Live Pilots Manual Section 7*1, download it here!



Q: Can I use a phantom powered condenser mic with the POD X3 live?

A: The POD X3/X3 Live does not offer phantom power which is needed when using any condenser type microphones for recording or live use. See Referenced KB link for details.

No sound out of microphone with X3/X3 Live


Q: I just want the original factory sounds back into my POD X3 live, can I do this without having to connecting it to the computer and launching Line 6 Monkey?

A: Sure you can, you can do this directly from the X3 Live hardware interface


How do I restore the Factory Presets in my POD X3 Live?


Q: What is Dual Tone?

A: DUAL TONE is the ability to split your single-input guitar or bass signal through two different amp and effect chains simultaneously to create gorgeous new hybrids, or use its dual inputs to individually process two instruments - a microphone and a guitar, for example - at the same time.


Q: And how do I make a dual tone patch?

A: Here is an example given in the pilots manual for exhibit 3: Feed Two Guitar Amps, One for Tone 1 and One for Tone 2.....(Manual 7*3)


1. Connect the left 1/4-inch output to one amp, and the right 1/4-inch output

to the other.

2. Set the first OUTPUTS page (1/4-inch Outputs):

* Mode: Combo Front, Combo Pwramp, Stack Front, or Stck PwrAmp.

* Lows, Focus, Highs: as desired

*Tone 1: On

* Tone 1 Pan: Full Left

* Tone 2: On

* Tone 2 Pan: Full Right

3. Check your Master Volume.

• Select the loudest preset/settings you intend to use.

• Play your instrument and turn Master Volume as high as you can without

clipping the amp/speakers you're feeding.



Q: I made a dualtone patch with my MIC on tone 2, but it changes when I switch patches, how do I lock it?

A: From the main signal chain Page of your X3 live LCD screen, you can lock Tone 2 to prevent it from getting overwritten when loading new presets. This is handy when you're using Tone 2 for vocals and you want to make sure it doesn't change when you recall guitar presets on Tone 1.

From the Pilots Handbook page: 4-9



Watch this Demonstration of the X3's Dual Tone Feature:


Crunch Dual Tone Video



Q: Does the tuner only work with the 1/4" mono guitar input?

A: The X3 Live tuner only operates on the Tone 1 input. If you've selected Variax, it will tune the variax.


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