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POD X3 Series: Factory Reset, Reflash, and Firmware Updates


Q: Can I reset the POD X3 series units directly from the unit?

A: Yes. Hold the "home" button for two seconds, then highlight "reset user presets" navigating with the 4-way arrow key. Press save, then hold the save button for five seconds and release. Be aware that this will replace ALL user presets back to factory settings, so please back up your custom presets using Gearbox or Monkey if you want to save them for future use.


Q: How do I reflash my POD X3 unit?

A: Download and install the latest version of Line 6 Monkey from the following link:


Run the Line 6 Monkey program and log into Line 6 Monkey using your Line 6 user name and password. If this is the first time you have run Line 6 Monkey, you will not have driver software installed. Highlight the "Driver" item in the Updates window, and click the Update button on the right. Monkey will lead you through the installation process, which requires you to quit Monkey and possibly restart your machine. See the following link for more information on driver installation:


USB Driver Installation


Make sure your POD X3 unit is powered on and connected to your computer via a USB 2.0 connection. Monkey should automatically recognize your POD X3 and complete the startup sequence. See the following link for USB troubleshooting tips if Line 6 Monkey does not recognize your POD X3 unit.


USB Audio Troubleshooting


On the Updates tab, look to see if your Flash Memory is up to date. If it is out of date, you will see a yellow "yield" sign next to flash memory.


If you need to update (or just want to reset the unit back to factory state for troubleshooting) select "Flash Memory" (it will highlight in blue) and click the "Update Selection/Reinstall Latest" button to the right. Monkey will lead you through the process.


Monkey will give you an option to continue:


Monkey will then ask if you want to keep your presets. If you do not want to keep the presets (or have already backed up your presets), select "no".


Monkey will now update your unit after you select "yes". Be sure to close all other applications and heed the warnings.


You will see the progress bar writing the flash to your unit


Restart your POD X3 unit by powering the unit off, then back on.


When the update is complete you will receive this message.


***NOTE: If a Variax guitar is connected to the POD HD500 via VDI connection during the flash memory update for the POD, DO NOT DISCONNECT the Variax guitar from the POD until the update process is completed:


Q: How do I update the firmware on my POD X3 series unit?

A:On the Updates tab, look to see if your USB Firmware is up to date. If you need to update, highlight "Device Firmware" and click the "Update" button to the right. Monkey will lead you through the firmware update process as shown above.


Q: How do I reflash in "safe mode"?

A: Safe mode can be used when a unit cannot be reflashed using the normal reflash procedure. Hold the four-way arrow key to the right while powering the POD X3 unit on to start your unit in safe mode. You can then reflash the unit as decribed above.


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