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POD X3 upgrades and Compatibility


Q: Can I upgrade my XT device to an X3?

A: Here is the list of model packs included on the X3, model packs that are included on XT devices are listed after the model pack:



Please note that the FX Junkie, Collector Classic, and Metal Shop model packs can be purchased as a Triple Pack for a savings of ~$50.


Q: How can I upgrade the hardware on my XT series unit?

A: The other differences such as the effects loop, XLR input, etc. are hardware improvements that cannot be upgraded.


Q: Does Line 6 offer a trade-in program for my XT unit for an X3 unit?

A: We recommend seeing your local Line 6 dealer regarding the possibility of trading your XT unit for an X3 if you are interested in obtaining an X3 at a lower price.


Q: When will Gearbox and the Gearbox plug-in be available for the Pod X3 series?

A: We released a compatible version of Gearbox on February 29th, 2008.


Q: Is the POD X3 series compatible with Riffworks?

A: Yes, you must download and install Riffworks Line 6 Edition version 2.22 or better from the downloads page.


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