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Variax Control Through a PODxt Live


1. Plug the Variax into the PODxt Live Variax input

2. Press the OUTPUT MODE b\utton and scroll the SELECT knob until you see MIDI/VARIAX. Use the fourth soft black button under VARIAX to activate input

3. Press the EDIT button. Scroll the SELECT knob clockwise to the very last page.

4. Change Variax models by highlighting MODEL with a soft button under the main LCD screen and use the tweak knob to the right of the screen.

5. Parameters are saved per patch and settings are reinforced when the patch is loaded.


NOTE about Alternate Tunings: Alternate tunings are part of your Variax customization in Workbench and called up within a PODxt Live patch with the customized guitar model.


To select or customize tuning in Workbench:

1. Click PRESET (1) at the bottom left hand corner of the editor screen.

2. Select 'Alternate Tuning' preset, load, and close.

3. Click SEND (2) and apply setting to one of your custom guitars. In the illustration I used Custom Lester Model 2*1

4. Go back to the Workbench Main Page and SYNC your Variax with the changed settings

5. You can now exit Workbench.


On the PODxt Live:

Select the model you wish to load & save patch to desired location.


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