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Variax XPS & V.D.I. Cable F.A.Q.s


Q: What is the XPS Unit?
A: The XPS unit is the power supply that powers the Variax instrument via 1/4" TRS cable. The Line 6 XPS box must be powered by a Line 6 PX-2 power supply for correct operation.


There are three variations of the XPS:


XPS-AB: This units acts as both a Variax power supply and has an A/B footswitch to send the guitar output to either a 1/4" or XLR output. Use a standard XLR (microphone) cable to connect the XPS-AB’s XLR output to feed any balanced input. Use a TRS (Tip-Ring-Sleeve/Stereo) cable to connect your Variax to the INPUT jack of the XPS-AB, a standard mono instrument cable to connect the 1/4" output of the XPS to any standard amp rig.


XPS-Mini: This unit ships with the Variax 300 series, and has an 1/4" input and output.


XPS-DI: This unit shipped with the Variax Bass Instruments and had an line/mic level switch, as well as an XLR ground lift option. The XPS-DI uses a standard XLR (microphone) cable to connect the XPS-DI output to feed any balanced input. Use a TRS (Tip-Ring-Sleeve/Stereo) cable to connect your Variax to the INPUT jack of the XPS-DI, and a standard mono instrument cable to connect the 1/4" output of the XPS-DI to any standard amp rig. Note: This unit is no longer available as the Variax bass has been discontinued.


Usage F.A.Q.s


Q: Can I use the XPS-AB as a replacement for my XPS-DI?
A: Yes, the XPS-AB is the direct replacement for the XPS-DI.


Q: Can I use the XPS-mini if I do not have access to the XPS-AB box?
A: Yes, the XPS-Mini can be used in place of the XPS-AB box. Be aware that the XPS-mini is the only supported power supply for the Variax 300 series instrument, due to a slight increase in the power requirements for the 300 series.


Q: Will the XPS-DI recharge batteries in Variax Instruments?
A: No.


Q: What type of cable do I need to use to connect the XPS unit to my Variax Instrument?
A: You will need to use the supplied 1/4" TRS cable (or equivalent) to connect your XPS box to your Variax instrument to deliver power. Any mono 1/4" cable will work if you are using the internal batteries for power, but the power will be drawn from the batteries rather than from the cable.


Q: Can I use the XLR and 1/4" outputs simultaneously?
A: No the XLR and 1/4" outputs can only be used separately.


Q: Does the Footswitch provide phantom power to another device?
A: No, the A/B footswitch for your Variax will not provide phantom power.


Q: Can I plug my regular electric instrument into the XPS box?
A: Yes, if using a standard mono guitar cable, you can plug your regular electric instrument into the XPS box without damaging your guitar. We do not advise the use of a TRS cable with anything but a Variax because of the power it carries back to the guitar from the XPS box. Also, we do not recommend using an XPS box with active guitars. The combination of voltage potentially feeding back into the guitar, and how the guitar is wired, which can vary, can potentially damage the guitar and/or the XPS box.


Q: What is the length of the Variax digital cable?
A: The Variax digital cable is 25 feet long.


Troubleshooting F.A.Q.s


Q: There is no audio signal and I am only seeing a "red" power light on the XPS A/B (DI) when connected to the Variax guitar using a TRS cable?
A: If the XPS-AB/DI has the proper power connected (and is connected to the Variax) and is showing a "red" power light, this means that the XPS is not recognizing the Variax and not sending power. If a different TRS 1/4" cable does not resolve the problem, try a different XPS box to see if there is a problem with the XPS box. If a different 1/4" cable and XPS box does not solve the problem, the Variax may have an internal failure that will need to be resolved by an authorized service center.


Q: I am getting a "popping" sound when changing between the XLR and 1/4" outputs when connecting to a PA system?
A: This situation can happen when the mixer has phantom power applied to the channel that the XPS input. One solution is to turn off the phantom power on that channel, another solution is to put another DI between the XPS and sound board. Some end users with switch to using the different (compatible) Line 6 device.


Q: My XPS Box is damaged/lost. How can I get a replacement?
A: The XPS box can be special ordered from your favorite Line 6 dealer:


Line 6 Dealer Locator


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