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How to update the Relay G10/G10S firmware


Updating Relay G10/G10S firmware from an internet-connected Mac or PC


VideoTutorial: G10/G10S firmware update instructions for Windows users

Video Tutorial: G10/G10S firmware update instructions for Mac users


First, download the latest version of the Line 6 Updater for Relay G10/G10S:


  • Go to www.Line6.com and click on "Support"
  • Scroll down and select "Downloads"
  • On the following page, set the three pulldown windows under "Free Software Downloads" to: [Relay G10 or Relay G10S], [Line 6 Updater], [your Mac or PC OS]
  • Click "GO"
  • The page will update with the latest Line 6 Updater version available. Click 'GET DOWNLOAD' to download the Updater program to your computer
  • You will be prompted to either log in to your Line 6 User account or to create a new account
  • Click on 'ACCEPT AND DOWNLOAD' and follow the on-screen instructions to save the Line 6 Updater installer file
  • After the file has been completely downloaded, double-click on the downloaded file and follow the instructions to install it to your computer
  • Mac Users: If you run into trouble with your Mac allowing you to install the download, please see this article.


Next, update your Relay G10/G10S Receiver and Transmitter

  • Insert the Transmitter all the way into the Receiver
  • Connect the receiver’s USB port to your computer with the USB cable that was included in the box, or use a similar Micro USB cable
  • Run the Line 6 Updater program. Sign in to your Line 6 User Account.
  • Click on “Relay G10/G10S Receiver”
  • Click the “Update” button next to the latest firmware version. Follow the prompts to begin the update process. Important: Do not turn off or unplug your Relay receiver or computer during the update.
  • After the update is complete, repeat the process for the Transmitter by disconnecting and reconnecting the USB cable, then clicking “Continue” in the Updater


Please see this article if your computer does not detect your G10.

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