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Undocumented G10T LED States (Firmware 1.05)


There have been reports of unpublished LED states seen with the G10T after updating to firmware 1.05. We have investigated the reports and have the following information to offer.


Assuming a 3-hour charge of a new G10T:


  • LED State #1: Transmitter appears to initially charge correctly upon being docked by flashing slow red, only to stop indicating any LED behavior after a short period of time, followed by red flashing LED indication on the receiver
    • Reseating the transmitter in the receiver may resolve this, but it may take more than one attempt


  • LED State #2: Transmitter docked in G10 and G10S receivers will intermittently switch back to a flashing red state after reaching a flashing green state
    • This behavior eventually reduces in frequency in the charge cycle, but it is incorrect and misleading to a user


  • LED State #3: Transmitter continues to flash red while docked, seemingly indefinitely
    • Reseating the transmitter typically allowed it to reach the expected flashing green state and later, solid green state


  • LED State #4: During use, transmitter flashes red with more than 30-minutes of battery runtime remaining
    • A new transmitter should give the expected runtime of 6 or more hours despite flashing red with more than 30-minutes of runtime remaining, even without reseating it in the dock to get a green LED state to occur


At this time, we cannot say if or when these LED states will be addressed in a future firmware release.

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