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Q: What are the presets on the Pocket POD?

A: The PDF document attached at the bottom of this FAQ lists all of the Pocket POD presets from 1A to 31D.


Q: What is the warranty on my Pocket POD?

A: The warranty on the Pocket POD is 90 days from the date of purchase.


Q: Can I purchase model packs for my Pocket POD?

A: No, Line 6 model packs are only available for our Guitarport, Toneport, POD Studio and POD xt family devices.


Q: How do I reset my Pocket POD back to factory presets?

A: To reset your Pocket POD back to its factory settings, hold the save button and 4-way arrow key up while plugging a cable into the instrument input to power the unit on. The unit will prompt for a factory reset, press save to initiate the factory reset.


Q: Can I connect the Pocket POD directly to a P.A. system?

A: Yes. You can run a 3.5 mm (1/8")cable directly into a PA. Pocket POD also has one unbalanced 1/4" output that can be connected through a DI box directly into a PA system.


Q: Is there editing software available for my Pocket POD?

A: Yes. You can download a software editor called Vyzex which was specifically designed to work with Pocket POD, from our software page Please note that this software is no longer supported by Vyzex or Line 6.


Q: Which tones from work with the Pocket POD?

A: The POD 2.0, POD Pro, Floor POD Plus, and Pocket POD tones are all compatable with the Pocket POD. These tones can be downloaded and installed to your Pocket POD with the Vyzex editing software. See the following link to get to Customtone:



Q: What power supply works with Pocket POD?

A: The Line 6 DC-1/2/1G power supply (purchased separately from your local dealer) is the supported power supply for the Pocket POD. See the following link for more information: Power Supply and Amp Power F.A.Q.


Q: Is the Pocket POD compatible with any Line 6 or standard MIDI controller?

A: No, the Pocket POD is not compatible with any Line 6 or standard MIDI foot controller, as it lacks the CAT 5 or MIDI jacks necessary to connect a controller.


Q: My Pocket POD is not powering up?

1) The POD was designed to work with standard (mono) 1/4" cables when the cable is inserted into the "input" jack. Check to make sure you are not plugging a TRS cable into your Pocket POD.

2) Check to ensure that batteries are inserted correctly and the springs are lining up.

3) Try using a supported power supply to see if the unit will power. If the unit powers up with an adaptor, try changing the batteries.


Q: My Pocket POD reboots when changing power source while connected via USB?

A: Changing the power source of your Pocket POD while connected via USB will cause the unit to reboot and its Class Compliant driver to drop its MIDI ports. It is not recommended you change your Pocket POD power source while connected via USB.


Q: Where can I get Vyzex software support?

A: Please note that this software is no longer supported by Vyzex or Line 6.


Q: Why is cabinet tuning not working?

A: This bug was fixed in the 1.01 Pocket POD update. Please see the instructions on how to update your Pocket POD below.


Q: Why do delay changes not call up model default tap tempo?

A: This bug was fixed in the 1.01 Pocket POD update. Please see the instructions on how to update your Pocket POD below.


Q: Where can I register my Pocket POD?

A: You can register your Pocket POD by logging on to Once logged on, go to the My Account section of the site and then click on the Registered Gear link off to the left hand side.


Q: Where is the serial number on my Pocket POD?

A: The serial number of your Pocket POD can be found inside the battery-housing compartment behind the top right battery.


Q: How do I update the flash memory on my Pocket POD?

A: Connect your PocketPod Via USB to your computer, then run the Line 6 Monkey application. If your software is out of date (or you want to reflash for trouble shooting purposes), you will want to update using the following directions.


1) Select the "flash memory" to highlight (in blue), then select "update selection".


2) If Monkey asks you to register your gear, you can select "remind me later".


3) Select "I Accept" for the software agreement and select "continue".


4) Follow the directions, then select "OK"


5) Select "yes" to continue.


6) Wait for the flash memory to update and be installed.


7) Turn your Pocket POD Off, then on, then select "OK".



Q: My update stopped in the middle of the process?

A: During the Pocket POD update using the Line 6 Monkey software on a Windows Vista (32-bit and 64-bit) machine, the update may stop and will not continue. This may occur on certain USB ports. This issue can be verified if the progress bar stops partway through the update. Note: If the update does stop, the system will not respond to requests to shutdown the computer, even after force quitting monkey. After disconnecting the Pocket POD, the system can be shutdown. The Pocket POD remains in boot mode after this occurs. Reconnecting to Monkey and re-installing the firmware update does recover the Pocket POD. Please make sure to test the Pocket POD on every USB port on your computer while troubleshooting this issue. Completely remove any USB hubs, even if not in use.


PocketPOD Presets.pdf


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