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Pocket Pod Express FAQ

  • https://line6.com/media/ips/uploads/monthly_08_2013/ccs-1070239-0-00596200-1376063829.ipb,monthly_08_2013/ccs-1070239-0-37520800-1376063895.ipb

Pocket POD Express


Pocket POD Express Pilot's Guide: see attachments below.


Pocket POD Express ADVANCED Guide: see attachments below.



Q: What is the warranty on my Pocket POD?

A: The Warranty on the Pocket POD is 90 days from the date of purchase on the receipt.



Q: Can I purchase model packs for my Pocket POD Express?

A: No, Line 6 model packs are only available for our POD® XT, TonePort and GuitarPort family devices.



Q: Is there a software like Vyzex that I can edit the Pocket POD with?

A: No, The Pocket Pod Express will not be editable by software means.


Advanced Guide.pdf


Pilot Guide.pdf

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