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POD Farm ASIO driver incompatibility with Windows 10


Due to a driver incompatibility, the ASIO driver for the following devices will not operate with the POD Farm stand-alone application on Windows 10:

PODxt series

PODX3 series

PODHD series


The POD Farm ASIO host mode feature in the stand-alone application was not originally intended for these devices, as these Line 6 devices already contain Line 6 modeling in the hardware.


To work around the issue, users can use any DAW that supports VST plugins and configure a track in the DAW to monitor the input from the Line 6 POD device, and instantiate the POD Farm VST plugin on that track to achieve the same result.


In addition, there are a number of free 3rd party Windows based VST hosting applications available that will also achieve the same result. Note that Line 6 does not support the use of free 3rd party VST host applications downloaded from the internet with POD Farm, and users do so at their own risk


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