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POD Go 1.12


POD Go 1.12

POD Go 1.12 includes general bug fixes and improvements and is strongly recommended for all POD Go owners.


Updating POD Go to 1.12

STEP 1—Installing POD Go Edit 1.11

If you already have POD Go Edit 1.11 installed, please skip to STEP 2

  1. Log onto, download, and install POD Go Edit 1.11:


STEP 2—Updating POD Go

  1. Connect POD Go to your Mac or PC via USB and turn it on.
  2. Launch POD Go Edit.
  3. Click the gear at the bottom of the window, then click "Check for Updates".
  4. Log into your Line 6 account. A dialog panel appears, reading "An update is available for your POD Go. Would you like to update now?"
  5. Click "Update now." POD Go Edit asks if you want to create a backup of your existing user presets. Click "OK" and then "Create Backup." Once the backup is completed, click "OK."
  6. Carefully read the End User License Agreement (haaa hahaha!) and click "OK."
  7. Click "Update." Once the update is complete, POD Go restarts automatically.
  8. Click "Back to POD Go Edit".



Bug Fixes in 1.12

  • On rare occasions, POD Go could occasionally get stuck on the splash screen—FIXED
  • On rare occasions, quickly changing modes could cause POD Go to freeze—FIXED
  • On rare occasions, entering the menu immediately after changing snapshots could cause POD Go to freeze—FIXED
  • If an external expression pedal or footswitch is connected to EXP 2/FS7/8, Wah/Vol behavior could become unpredictable—FIXED
  • Additional optimizations
  • Lots of other minor bug fixes


Known Issues in 1.12

  • In rare cases when connected via USB, POD Go may appear unresponsive after powering down a connected PC. If this happens, unplug the USB cable from POD Go, at which point it should behave normally

  • On rare occasions, audio can be lost if POD Go is powered on while a connected Mac/PC is passing audio via USB

  • On rare occasions, POD Go can freeze while restoring from a backup. In this case, attempt the restore again
  • Sending a MIDI CC68 message from your computer can sometimes cause a graphical glitch
  • If Global Settings > Switches/Pedals > FS Auto Assign is set to "Off," changing a block's model category can sometimes reflect the previous category color on the footswitch

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