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POD Go Failed Update Recovery

  • Common troubleshooting steps for Pod Go failed updates.


USB connectivity is a common issue with a failed update process:


Make sure to check all cable connections, and USB ports for proper connectivity. The Pod Go should be connected directly to the laptop or computer with USB 2.0. No hubs or secondary connections. If it's a desktop computer (standing tower), then you may need to connect to the back of the computer near the power source. Proper USB 2.0 ports will provide enough USB bus power for your POD update.

For Windows PC users: with all newer updates, it's always helpful to install the latest Pod Go Edit software FIRST, before you continue. This will include the latest Pod Go drivers for proper USB connectivity. Download here:


1.  Disconnect the USB cable connecting the POD Go to the computer.


2. Boot the unit into "Update Mode"

  • Press and hold PAGE > (page right) and then power on POD Go


3. Reconnect the POD Go to the computer, preferably trying a different USB port than before.


4. Launch Line 6 Updater.


5. If POD Go connects, it will appear in DFU Update Mode and you will have to select POD Go from the list.


6. If the unit does not connect, close Line 6 Updater, connect to a different USB port on the computer, preferably with a different USB cable as well, and relaunch Line 6 Updater.


7. If the unit then connects, reinstall the firmware.


8. If the unit does still not connect, there may be a configuration issue with the computer. Please try a different computer.


Another common solution: If you're having trouble installing the latest update in Line 6 Updater, you may want to revert back to the previous update version. Install firmware 1.40, and then once the Pod Go is booted up again - install Pod Go 2.01 firmware with Line 6 Updater.



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