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POD Go Failed Update Recovery


1.  Disconnect the USB cable connecting the POD Go to the computer.


2. Boot the unit into "Update Mode"

  • Press and hold PAGE > (page right) and then power on POD Go


3. Reconnect the POD Go to the computer, preferably trying a different USB port than before.


4. Launch Line 6 Updater.


5. If POD Go connects, it will appear in DFU Update Mode and you will have to select POD Go from the list.


6. If the unit does not connect, close Line 6 Updater, connect to a different USB port on the computer, preferably with a different USB cable as well, and relaunch Line 6 Updater.


7. If the unit then connects, reinstall the firmware.


8. If the unit does still not connect, there may be a configuration issue with the computer. Please try a different computer.


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