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POD X3 Bean/Live/Pro: Patch Saving Step by Step

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So you got the perfect sound... Now you want to save your own patch...


Press 'SAVE' to bring you to the "SAVE TO:' screen.


The bottom 4 knobs are critical to this process as they change the values that are directly positioned above. The first knob alternates between saving in Tone 1 and Tone 2, the third knob moves the cursor left and right, and the fourth knob changes the character that the cursor is positioned under.


Use these knobs to select whether you want to save the patch to Tone 1 or Tone 2 and to change the name of the patch itself.


Once you have set the name and tone position, use the save knob to choose which bank you want to save this to, then press the save knob again to save it.

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