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Device Won't Connect to Mac/Driver Disabled


If you've installed a Line 6 driver and the device will not subsequently connect, it is possible that the driver is disabled by the system.


How to check if the software is disabled by the system:

•    Click on the Apple symbol in top-left corner of the screen and go to "About this Mac -> Overview ->System Information -> Disabled Software”.
•    If there is disabled software, it will be presented with a 10-digit software ID and a file descriptor, similar to "VCN535JA6Y - com.line6.driver.xtaudio"
•    Take a screen shot or write down the ID (in this example it’s VCN535JA6Y – yours might be different).


How to enable software that is disabled by the system:
•    Uninstall the drivers:
•    Reboot to recovery, holding down Command-R while restarting.
•    From Menu -> Utilities, open Terminal and type the following (replacing the system ID with yours):
        “spctl kext-consent disable”
        “spctl kext-consent add VCN535JA6Y" (replace the VCN535JA6Y with yours if different)
        “spctl kext-consent enable"
•    Reinstall the driver.
•    Open System Preferences -> Line6 Audio-Midi devices and plug the device into the Mac. The device should appear in a few seconds.


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