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GuitarPort Online Complete Troubleshooting Guide and FAQ



We're sad to say that GuitarPort Online is no longer accepting new subscriptions, and will be closing its doors on July 31st, 2012.


Why is GuitarPort going away?

Since the release of GuitarPort Online, many other companies have started offering downloadable music that can be used for practicing and jamming. This competition challenged our business model, and we have come to the unfortunate conclusion that we can no longer maintain GuitarPort Online according to our high standards.


To help you continue enjoying your favorite content, we have moved the lessons over to Spider Online and given you a complimentary subscription to this site. We're also happy to give you the POD Farm 2.5 plug-in (a $99 value), which delivers a collection of classic amps, cabs and effects to complement your GuitarPort hardware.



Annual Subscriptions

Annual subscriptions received a prorated refund for the remaining unused time of what was paid for the full year.


Saved Jam Tracks

If you have GuitarPort Online jam tracks saved to your computer, they expired after July 31st, 2012, and you will not be able to use them any longer.



Line 6 will continue supporting your GuitarPort hardware until September 2014, so keep on rocking with the included guitar amp and cab models, stompboxes and studio effects. Your GuitarPort is still useful as an audio interface.


Getting more out of your GuitarPort device

1. The GuitarPort is a USB audio input/output (I/O) interface. It handles both the input of your guitar into the computer AND processed amp/effect modeling tones. You need to connect your headphones or powered computer speakers into the 1/8" or RCA output jacks of the GuitarPort to hear its output.


2. The amp/effects modelling occurs in our software applications, GearBox 3.72 and POD Farm 2.5, both available at Use the "Software" category down-arrow and select the desired software installer from the drop-down list.


GearBox: Amp/Effects Modelling. Was also the Line 6 GuitarPort Online (GPO) subscription service software interface.


POD Farm: Amp/Effects Modelling. Dual Tone path processing feature. Functions in standalone mode only with the GuitarPort hardware device.


3. The GuitarPort device can be used as an interface with most recording programs. Reaper (, Audacity ( and Riffworks T4 ( are a few you can try for free.


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