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Uninstall USB Filter Driver to Avoid Blue Screens on Windows 7


There is a known compatibility issue with current Line 6 drivers and the AMD USB Filter driver that comes preinstalled on several AMD computers including HP and Compaq. This issue materializes in the form of constant blue screens when connecting a Line 6 device via USB to these computers. Uninstalling this USB Filter driver will resolve this issue.


Note: If you have an AMD PC with a different brand of video card or do not have ATI Catalyst installed and are still experiencing blue screens when you connect a Line 6 device you can manually check for the driver in your Windows system directory. If the driver is installed, it can usually be found at this location:




Also, we have seen users fix this issue by updating drivers for their video cards. Please make sure that drivers are up to date for all audio and video devices attached to your system. Such devices include:

  • Video Cards
  • PCI Based internal sound cards
  • USB and Firewire audio Interfaces from other manufactures
  • Web Cams
  • Video Cameras that connect via USB and Firewire
  • Digital Cameras and DSLR cameras that connect via USB and Firewire
  • USB Microphones and Turntables

Who Crashed is a useful and easy to use tool that can help you identify which drivers or devices are responsible for blue screens on Windows computers. Download it at


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