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Amp/Echo Farm End Of Life



Q: Is Amp Farm and Echo Farm still available for purchase? I don’t see them on the web shop.

A: The Amp Farm and Echo Farm plug ins are no longer available for purchase as of March 31, 2024. We encourage any potential users to consider Helix Native.


Q: Why is it no longer manufactured?

A: Typically, as with many companies, the decision to end the availability of any YGG product is based on one or more of these factors: a lack of market demand,  a planned successor product, or because the parts to manufacture it  (or support the software) are no longer available.


Q: What product will replace it?

We encourage interested parties to check out our other Software titles, all available at


Q: If I already own it, how will I get upgrades/support?

The final version of the software will still be available to download from our Software Downloads page. For existing Amp Farm or Echo Farm users, we are offering a special upgrade path to our Helix® Native plug-in, which delivers the authentic sounds of classic amps, cabs, mics, and effects. You can find the special upgrade version of Helix Native HERE.


Q: In what ways will the discontinued product be supported?

You can find manuals on our Legacy Products page, additional information at our Knowledge Base, tutorial videos on our YouTube Support channel, and our Customer Support team can be reached from our Contact Us page



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