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How to Find Helix Native in Garage Band

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1. Launch Garage Band, and create an audio track.


2. Go to View -> Open Smart Control




Click on the "i" icon on the smart control top bar, then drag the scroll bar to find Audio FX slots.




Click on the Audio FX Slot and find Helix Native from Audio Units -> Line 6 -> Helix Native

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I've answered my own question.  In my version of Garage Band there is no "i" icon.  

Here's how I installed Helix Native into my version of GarageBand:

This assumes that you have already downloaded the Helix Native plug-in from the Line 6 Website and installed it to your Mac.

Open Garage Band.

Select (or create) a track.

Click the Smartcontrols icon (looks like a knob at the top of the screen, just left of the scissors button).

On the Smartcontrols window, click the expand arrow for the "Plug-ins" menu (below "Record Settings").

Just under where some plug-ins exist (perhaps "compressor" or "channel EQ", click an empty slot.  A pull-down menu will appear headed by "No Plug-In"... scroll down to Audio Units > Line 6 > Helix Native... click that.  Helix Native will load into your Garage Band session.


If there are four or more plug-ins already instantiated, there may not be a slot available into which you can insert Helix native.  To create an empty slot, hold your mouse over one of the existing plug-ins, and notice the symbol that looks like an up-arrow-over-a-down-arrow.  Click that, causing a menu to appear, then scroll to "No Plug-in".  That makes an empty slot you can now use to fill with Audio Units > Line 6 >Helix Native.


I am using Garage Band Version 10.2.0 on Mac OS X version 10.12.6 and have successfully installed Helix Native into Garageband and processed audio through the plug-in.  It works great!  Thank you Line 6!

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