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How to Find Helix Native in Logic Pro X


1) Launch Logic Pro X, go to 'Logic Pro -> Preferences -> Audio Units Manager'.




2) Make sure Helix Native is in the list and the box is ticked.


3) If Helix Native is not in the list, but the file "HelixNative.components" does exist in the location '/Library/Audio/Plug-in/Components/, please try the steps below:


1. Quit Logic
2. Click on the "Go" Menu in the Finder while holding down (alt) to access the 'username/Library' folder
3. If there is not a HelixNative.component in "username/Library/Audio/Plugins/Components, please copy it from Mac HD/Library -> Audio -> Plugins -> Components and put it into username/Library/Audio/Plug-in/Components/
4. Move the file o the desktop for backup.
5. Relaunch logic, and see if you can re-scan for plug ins.


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