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Migrating Helix Native Preset Library to New Computer Hardware


Moving to a new computer or motherboard: problem.
Replacing your root hard disk drive: problem.
Changing the hostname of the machine: problem.
Updating OS: normally not a problem unless you are configuring your machine to allow IT control over it and they change the hostname on you.


The Helix Native folders and the files within them basically track to a given computer’s h/w and OS “snapshot”. This is part of the copy protection scheme and why they can’t simply be moved from machine to machine manually, nor will they work when a system is changed significantly (OS or HDD). Thus the need for backing up and restoring from the tools we provide.


Your local Helix Native preset library can be found in your user AppData folder hierarchy (typically):


c:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Line 6\Helix Native
~/Library/Application Support/Line 6/Helix Native


The library is structured to reflect Helix hardware with folders for each of the hardware compatibility modes.  In each #PRESET_LIBRARY folder, one can find folders for each of the setlists.  The library is not intended to be manipulated by the end user.  The individual preset files in the library are encrypted.  Access to the actual preset data requires the generation of decryption keys which derive from data which can be consistently read from the computer hardware.  Manually moving these files (including restoration from Time Machine or Windows restore) to different computer hardware renders the preset unreadable as the ability to generate the correct keys is lost.


This is why backing up your presets is important.  When you are planning a computer upgrade (even installing a new larger disk drive), it is important that you export your presets to a bundle using the Helix Native Preferences (gear icon), Presets/IRs tab to "Export Bundle".  Do this for all hardware compatibility modes that you use.  The bundling does NOT export all of the compatibility modes at once.  Then if you find that your presets will not load after the upgrade, use the "Import Bundle" function to bring the presets back in and you will be good to go.


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