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POD Farm Platinum: Product Definition


Before we get into defining "Platinum", it's important to know that POD Farm comes in two distinct flavors:


1. As a plug in tied to a Line 6 device OR

2. As a plug in tied to an iLok key


The difference between POD Farm and POD Farm Platinum, regardless of which type of device the license is tied to, is simply the number of amp, cab, and FX models available in the plug-in. POD Farm includes a limited number of models PLUS any models your Line 6 device contains from buying model packs, while POD Farm Platinum includes ALL Line6 models ever made to date. You may be asking "What does this mean"? Let's look at some examples:


If you have a POD XTL and you own all of the Line 6 model packs (Power Pack, Metal Shop, FX Junkie, Collector Classics, and the Bass Expansion Pack), then you will have an equivalent model set to what's included in POD Farm Platinum.


If you have a POD XTL loaded with only the Collectors Classic pack and you upgrade to POD Farm plug in, you will not have an equivalent model set to POD Farm Platinum, but the models from the Collector Classic Pack will be available in POD Farm.


If you have an POD X3 and you installed your free POD Farm plug in then you will have an equivalent model set to what's included in POD Farm Platinum. Why? Because the X3 devices come loaded with all of our models out of the box. The same goes for anyone who owns a TonePort DI Gold version.


Now, it's important to remember that the iLok version of POD Farm will come in two versions:


1. POD Farm for iLok (a limited amount of models included) OR

2. POD Farm Platinum for iLok (all models included)


Some questions about POD Farm plug-in for iLok:


Q: Can I transfer my POD Farm key out of my Line 6 device into an iLok?

A: Currently there is no way to transfer a POD Farm license from a Line 6 device to an iLok key.


Q: Can I upgrade my standard version of POD Farm for iLok to the Platinum version?

A: See the following link for the upgrade path:


Q: Do I get a 30-day refund option for the iLok version of the software (as seen with the Line 6 licenses)?

A: No, as iLok is a separate company there is no way to get a refund once the license has been purchased. We reccomend using the trial version of the POD Farm prior to purchasing to ensure you are interested in POD Farm.


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