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Using Dual Inputs with Ableton Live Lite & GarageBand)


Please use the directions below in order to record two inputs from a TonePort/POD Studio UX1/UX2 USB device from POD Farm simultaneously:


In POD Farm:

Create a dual tone input in POD Farm (i.e. Mic 1 & 2, Line 1 & 2, Inst & Mic, etc).


In Your DAW (Recording Application- we will use Ableton Live Lite as our example):

  1. Go to "Options/Preferences".
  2. Click on "Input Config" at the bottom. Make sure that all of the selections are green in "Input Config" and "Output Config". If they are not, click on them so they appear as green and click OK.
  3. Create two audio tracks. On each track you will see "Audio From". Make sure that says "Ext. In". In track one select "1/2". For track two choose "3/4".

Now the mic will be recorded on one track and your guitar will be recorded on the other. To arm both tracks for recording, please hold control and then click on the "Arm" button.

For more detailed info, please watch the online video at Ableton's website here:


For GarageBand:


First, ensure that you have a DUAL Tone setup in POD Farm.

In the [MIXER] Section of POD Farm, ensure that REC SEND: UX2 1-2 is set to “Tone 1 (Instrument)” and REC SEND: UX2 3-4 is set to “Tone 2 (Microphone 1)”.




In GarageBand:


Input Source for INST 1 (GarageBand Track) must be set to Stereo 1 / 2 (UX2)



Input Source for MIC 1 (GarageBand Track) must be set to: Stereo 3 / 4 (UX2).

Now you should be able to record both input sources simultaneously in GarageBand.


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