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Device Positioning for Updating Transmitters and Receivers


The XD-V75 receiver firmware can be updated via the mini-USB port connection to a host computer (Windows XP/Vista/7 or Mac OSX 10.5/10.6/10.7) using the Line 6 Monkey software application. In addition, the XD-V75 receiver can function as an "interface" to update other Line 6 XD-V7x Digital Wireless devices.


The actual instructions are provided via the Line 6 Monkey software's step-by-step wizard.


This article was created to help clarify the actual physical positioning of devices, as this will have a direct bearing on the success rate of updating the other devices in question.


1. XD-V75 Update of an XD-V75 (or XD-V70) Microphone Transmitter: note that the microphone's update chip is near the middle-top portion of the microphone; the mic is positioned sitting on top of the XD-V75's attached antenna (folded to the left/downward at a 90-degree angle), which is connected to "B OUT":


USB Update posiotioning 1.jpg


2. XD-V75 Update of a TBP12 Transmitter (physically place the transmitter as such on top of the B Out single antenna):


USB Update positiong 2.jpg


3. XD-V75 Update of an XD-V30 Transmitter:


XDV30+Transmitter+Positioning pic3.jpg


4. XD-V75 Update of an XD-V70 Receiver (Note: mandatory usage of Balanced, or 'stereo' TRS 1/4" cable inbetween the XD-V75 and XD-V70):


USB Update positioning 4.jpg


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