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How to Update the Relay G90 and XD-V70/75 Receivers via USB


The XD-V75 receiver firmware can be updated via the mini-USB port connection to a host computer (Windows XP or better, or Mac OSX 10.5 or better) using the Line 6 Monkey software application. In addition, the XD-V75 receiver can function as an "interface" to update the Relay G90 and XD-V70 receivers.


Updating an XD-V75 Receiver:

  1. Remove any currently connected Antennas from the BNC jacks.
  2. Power Switch to "Off" on the receiver, then disconnect the power cable to the XD-V75 Receiver.
  3. Connect a mini-USB cable to the back of the receiver mini-USB port and your host computer.
  4. Reconnect the power cable to the XD-V75 Receiver. LCD Display on the XD-V75 receiver should read: "LOADER ENABLED" (regardless if you physically flip the Power Switch to "On" or not).
  5. Launch Line 6 Monkey 1.50 (or higher, depending on current release build as of this reading). Be certain to log on in Monkey.
  6. Click on "Connect To Device" on the left. Choose "Line 6 Wireless Device USB" and click OK.
  7. In the following window, select "XD-V75 Receiver" in the list of all the wireless devices that appear.
  8. Click on the "Flash Memory" in the Update window. Click "Update Selection" or "Reinstall Latest", whichever appears.
  9. Click "I ACCEPT" and then "Yes".
  10. Don't break the USB connection during the update process.
  11. When completed you should see a "XD-V75 Receiver update successful" message. Click "OK".
  12. To get the receiver out of Loader Mode, unplug the unit, remove the USB cable, plug in the power and turn the unit on.

Updating the G90 or XD-V70 Receivers:

  1. Look at the pictures in the Device Positioning for Updating XD-V7x Transmitters and Receivers document for the visual reference on how the devices must be positioned/connected physically for a successful update.
  2. Once the device to be updated is positioned/connected, follow steps 3-5 above to put the XD-V75 Receiver into Loader Mode.
  3. Click the Change Device button in Line 6 Monkey.
  4. Choose "Line 6 Wireless Device USB" and click OK.
  5. On the next screen, choose the appropriate device to update. Once Monkey switches to the new target device to be updated, follow along in the update wizard instructions in the Line 6 Monkey software window.
  6. Monkey will program the XD-V75 receiver to "connect" to the device to be updated.
  7. If you do not power up the target device when prompted within about 30 seconds, the connection will time out and give you the error message "No pass thru receiver found". After you click OK, you'll get an error message saying "Error connecting to device". Hit OK and Monkey will reprogram the XD-V75 again, then ask you to power up the target device.
  8. After powering up the device, Monkey will be ready to update it. Follow steps 8-10 above.
  9. When the update is complete, you will get a message saying so. You will also get instructions for verifying the version on the unit.
  10. To get the receiver out of Loader Mode, unplug the unit, remove the USB cable, plug in the power and turn the unit on.

Having problems?


Some users that were reporting errors had success when using a different computer and repeating the process.


Try re-booting your computer and starting from the top by first re-flashing your V75 receiver. Once this is done you can proceed to flashing other units.


If you are still having problems, create a support ticket from Please complete the System Profile in your account and send us a "Monkey Log" in the ticket:


1) Run Monkey until the error is encountered
2) Choose "Diagnostics..." from the Line 6 Monkey main menu (at the top of the Mac Finder)
3) A finder window will open up - you will see one or more .log files with date-stamped filenames.
4) Send the most recent log file - or any of the log files whose date correspond to the date when the error occurred.


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